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Place Cards

Place cards are a simple finishing touch to your tables for a wedding or special event. They are a convenient way to direct your guests to their places and add beauty and elegance to each table. These place cards have matching invitations, just use our search feature to find them. Place Card sizes vary and are stated in the description of each product. Because of their small size, we suggest hand writing or printing on an inkjet printer. If you don't see the invitation you ordered as a place card, just email us and we will let you know if we can create a place card for you to match.

Place Cards

Place cards inform your guests where they will be sitting at your special event. For small, intimate affairs such as a dinner party, birthday, anniversary, if you have just a few tables set up for your guests' seating, you may want to print or hand write just your guests' names on the place cards and place them directly where each guest will be seated. If you are having a large or formal event with fifty or more guests, it is typically best for both you and your guests to create your place cards with both their individual names and the table numbers where they are to sit. When guests walk in, they can find their place cards by their names and then easily find their table by identifying numbers placed on each table.
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