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Announcingit in the Press!


September 30, 2010 Press Release

Five Mistakes to Avoid With Holiday Invitations

Announcingit.com has exclusive holiday and Christmas invitations you won't find elsewhere for your personal and business holiday events.


December 1st and the start of the holiday season may seem a long time off, but if you're hosting a holiday party, you're running out of time....fast!

1. Ordering invitations too late. 
December calendars fill up at warp speed and to get guests to attend your party, you need to mail holiday invitations at least 4-6 weeks before your party date. So, if you've chosen the first week of December for your date, you need to mail your invitations by the first of November at the latest. Don't forget to allow time for processing, printing and shipping your invitations.

2. Not ordering enough invitations.
You order the same amount of party invitations as the year before, but forgot about the new employees, the new couple down the block, or the new couples you really clicked with from your child's soccer team.  We suggest ordering at least 10 extra invitations to avoid the costly and time-consuming need to reorder.

3. You made a mistake in the wording!
Proof read, proof read, proof read.  Be sure to check your holiday invitations for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as information you might have inadvertently omitted. Double check the date, the time and location as well as the spelling of all the names.

4.  Your boss will be out of town!
Decide on a guest list for your holiday party, then check the calendar and set a date and time that is convenient for all your guests and/or co-workers. Planning the office Christmas party only to find out the boss will be in Tahiti on that date would be a disaster!  Make sure there are no conflicting parties or events planned or any business commitments that conflict. If your party won't be a success without "The Smiths" in attendance, make sure they have your party date open before you commit to your chosen date.

5.  Inadequate Postage
Don't assume your complete invitation will take standard postage.  Is your invitation square? Does it need to be be hand-cancelled? Is it oversized? Overweight? All of these concerns could mean your invitation will require extra postage, but how much? We suggest assembling one invitation and taking it to the post office to have it weighed and the size measured before you buy or affix postage stamps. Also, if for some reason invitations need to be returned to you, make sure you have your return address on all envelopes so if there is a problem, they can be returned to you.

For more information, visit http://www.announcingit.com or contact them at 800-400-2269.

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Announcingit offers a wide variety of exclusive invitation designs at budget friendly prices from kid's birthday invitations, holiday invitations and invitation designs for all life's special occasions including baby, kids, wedding, business and more. In-house processing and printing, on-line FREE proof to approve before printing, and quick shipping gets invitations out fast and perfect.

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