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Cupcake Wrappers

Cupcake wrappers in shimmery, fun colors dress up your cupcakes. Say NO to naked cupcakes and turn ordinary cupcakes into extraordinary treats with shimmery Stardream cupcake wrappers. About 1-5/8" tall by 2-3/4" wide at top. Sold as set of 12.

Say NO to naked cupcakes with beautiful Stardream Cupcake Wrappers

These shimmery cupcake wrappers fit standard size cupcakes (unless otherwise specifically noted on a product.) Assemble by curving the cupcake wrapper so the ends meet, and securing the tab into the slot, then insert cupcake. We suggest you assemble at least one of the cupcake wrappers BEFORE you bake your cupcakes to see the size of the finished wrapper so as to not overfill your cupcake pans with batter. If your cupcakes are too large, the cupcake wrappers might not fit your baked cupcakes. The cupcake wrappers are meant to show a little of the cupcake above the top of the cupcake wrapper.

Frost your cupcakes AFTER you have placed them in the assembled cupcake wrappers to prevent your fingers from messing up the frosting OR watch our video on how to put your frosted cupcakes in the wrappers without getting your fingers in the frosting. If your cupcake liners are showing oil spots or are greasy, add another cupcake liner BEFORE you dress your cupcakes with the cupcake wrappers to prevent spots on your beautiful wrappers.

You can do more with Cupcake Wrappers than wrap a cupcake. Add a baking cup to your cupcake wrappers, fill with candy, mints, pretzels, nuts or other treats and set out for your guests to nibble. You can write your guests name on them, fill with treats, or a cupcake, and use them as individual place cards at a baby shower, bridal shower or dinner party. And don't forget about muffins. Use as muffin wrappers to turn cupcake's ugly sister into beautiful treats.

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