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Feng Shui Wedding Gift Ideas

If you’re tired of giving the same old wedding and bridal shower gifts, why not consider these wedding gift ideas inspired by Feng Shui?

  1. Anything in pairs — Giving two of something, from lamps to vases filled with flowers or candles in beautiful candle holders, helps create a sense of balance. The newlyweds can place the items on their respective nightstands for good Feng Shui, or place both items in the romance corner of their home or the master bedroom.
  2. Anything in red – Red, pink, rose and similar colors promote passion in a relationship, so anything red makes a good bridal shower gift, from red lingerie to red pillows.
  3. Anything made of ceramic or porcelain – Earth is the element associated with the romance trigram of the ba gua, so items representing this element will bring good luck to the couple. A pair of red ceramic objects — hearts, cranes or a symbol with significance to the bride and groom — would be the perfect Feng Shui wedding or bridal shower gift.

Article by Ken Lauher. For more on Feng Shui, check out his blogĀ A Natural Approach to Balancing Your Life

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