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How To Convincingly Show Your Kids Santa Came to Visit

Up the Chimney Christmas Invitations

Up the Chimney Christmas Invitations

The moment when children realize that Santa isn’t real is often a difficult one. Most of us remember with no small amount of embarrassment – but also a sense that that moment was when we lost our innocence.

Part of the magic of Christmas as a child is to look wonderingly at a Christmas Eve night, hoping and praying that Santa is going to visit and that you’re on the Good list. It’s an innocence and magic we wish to preserve in our children for as long as possible, and to that end, here’s a quick list of things to do to make Santa’s visit appear all the more convincing:

1. Take a bite out of the cookie!

It’s so simple, but so often forgotten. If your children leave food out for Santa, make sure you take a convincing bite. The same goes for any drinks left out – take a swig. Your kids will be delighted that Santa enjoyed their offering, and you’ll get something tasty too.

2. Leave icing sugar footprints.

All you need is a sieve and a white powder – icing sugar pre-mix is best for the job – and you’ve got the tools to make some convincing Santa footprints. Pour the powder into the sieve and sprinkle a route from the chimney to beneath the tree, just like Santa would walk in his snow-covered boots.

3. Sign a couple of gifts “From Santa”

A small touch but a nice one. While the majority of your gifts can say “from Mom and Dad”, add in a couple that are signed by the man himself.

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