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Inbox vs. Mailbox Party Invitations

Inbox vs. Mailbox Party Invitations

When is the last time you got really excited about a party invitation that arrived in your inbox instead of your mailbox?



Is it really necessary to mail paper party invitations to your guests?

A better question would be, “How many guests do you want to show up at your party?” Or “How serious are you about your event and who attends?”

We’ve all received invitations by various methods:

  • In casual conversation: “Come over Saturday, we’re celebrating John’s birthday.”
  • Phone call: If you didn’t write it down, did you forget? Did you feel like a last minute guest at a last minute party?
  • Facebook event: Did you even see it or do you just automatically delete all Facebook events? Did the hosts invite their entire Facebook following?
  • Twitter: Really?
  • Evite: ┬áConfess, you look at who’s going to decide if you’re going or if the party is a dud. Did you print it out? Write it down? Grab your calendar?

With paper invitations in the mail, guests think:

  • Wow! I’m important to them
  • The hosts care about their event enough to mail invitations
  • I better RSVP (yes, reply rate is higher with paper invites)
  • This is important to my friends, so I’m going

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A paper invitation sets the tone for your party. Make sure your invites convey the effort you are putting into throwing a great party and choose the mailbox over the inbox for a great party turnout.

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