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The Top 7 Tips to Help you Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Geezer Surprise Birthday Party InvitationPlanning a surprise birthday party can be very fun and enjoyable for all of the people who are involved. And, if you and your co-conspirators can keep up the charade until the party happens, then you can have one very surprised and happy guest of honor.

Even though the secret of your surprise party depends on all of the people who have been invited, there are some simple things which you can do to help ensure the best outcome possible.

Here are seven tips to get you started to planning a surprise party which your friends and relatives will be talking about for years to come:

1.  If the surprise birthday party is for someone other than your spouse, find out from your guest of honor, or even better from their significant other, what their schedule is like within the time frame you are considering for the surprise party. Use this valuable information to set the date for your surprise party.

2.  Enlist the help of someone who can devise a fictitious activity for the guest of honor to partake in on the day of the party. The closer to your home this activity is, the easier it is for your helper to “have to stop in at your home for a moment” on the day of the party.

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