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Tips for Taking a Perfect Baby Picture for Your Christmas Photo Cards

Vintage Holiday Tree Christmas Photo CardsEveryone wants a perfect picture of their baby for their holiday photo cards or for just a keepsake. The hardest part of doing this is often getting the baby to pose. Follow these steps to get the results you want at the studio.

Bring your baby’s favorite toys or stuffed animals to the portrait studio. It’s a new environment for your baby, so having familiar objects will make them more comfortable.

Baby Love Blue Christmas Photo CardsDress the baby for comfort. Often in the quest for that perfect picture, parents try too hard to dress the baby in something that is more attractive than it is comfortable. If your baby is uncomfortable, they will be agitated more quickly and be less likely to cooperate.

Arrive to the studio early so that the baby has time to get used to the new surroundings.

Photograph your favorite poses first, for example, sitting up as opposed to lying down. The longer the baby poses, the more tired and less cooperative she becomes.

Place your baby flat on its stomach for a more natural pose. This position allows less mobility and reduces uncontrollable squirming.

Hold up one of the favorite stuffed animal or toys you brought along to get your baby to smile. If this doesn’t work, try doing something that usually makes them smile (i.e. playing with them, tickling or making funny faces) and then back out of the space so that the picture can be taken.

A common mistake when posing a baby for a picture is to have too many people trying to stimulate the baby at once. Make sure only one person is trying to get the baby’s attention at a time.

The same tips can be used in a home setting. It may be much easier to get a natural picture of your baby at home as that is where they feel most comfortable.

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