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DIY Kid’s Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Kid's Jet Pack

My son would have loved this Sci-Fi Rocket Fueled Jet Pack when he was little.  He loved superheroes, wearing masks and capes. I’m sure if he had his own jet pack, it would have been worn every day. DIY Tutorial at DoodleCraft.

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Mini Rice Krispie Treats Ice Cream Cones

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Rice Crispie Ice Cream Cones

Here’s a cute idea for treats or for a child’s birthday party. The ice cream cones are teeny, tiny – about 1-.75″ tall (Joy Kids Cones from Walmart).

A cookie scoop or small melon baller is used to form the ice cream from the Rice Krispie mixture, then drizzled with melted almond bark or candy melts.  To make the cones more stable, you can put some candy in the cone, then use the candy melts to “glue” the scoop to the cone.  See tutorial at Cute As a Fox.

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Yummy Almost No Sugar Ice Cream Grahamwiches

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012


These yummy Almost No Sugar Ice Cream Grahamwiches will delight youngsters and adults for a party or just because.


  • Approximately 30 graham crackers, broken in half
  • Large box sugar-free chocolate pudding
  • 8 ounces sugar-free or lite whipped topping*
  • Milk
  • Sprinkles and nuts to decorate, optional


  1. Prepare pudding with milk, according to package directions. Whip in whipped topping and blend until smooth.
  2. Place a large dollop on a graham cracker and top with another. Dip each side into sprinkles or nuts if desired.
  3. Place in individual zipper seal sandwich bags and freeze until firm.


Source: Southern Plate

Diecut Party Dress Invitations: Savannah

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

The Savannah Diecut Dress on Black Party Invitations are a hit for any girl’s party, regardless of her age. The invitation is a diecut dress with a chartreuse green and white floral print on black bodice, a white skirt and a chartreuse sash, all printed on shimmery white paper and  layered over a shimmery black onyx basecard.

The floral pattern and ribbon belt are printed on the dress, no ribbon assembly required. Perfect for birthday invitations, bridal shower invitations, sweet sixteen invitations and more.

Savannah Diecut Party Dress Invitations

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Wild Flower Ice Cubes

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Wildflower Ice Cubes

For special occasions, or for a party, surprise guests with wild flower ice cubes. You can freeze edible flowers or fruit such as raspberries or mint into your ice cubes for water glasses. How pretty would these be floating in champagne or wine? (Make sure the flowers you use are edible.) Here’s the how-to.

Uncooked Spaghetti Saves Frosted Cake

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Uncooked spaghetti saves cake frosting

Stick pieces of uncooked spaghetti into your frosted cake before you add plastic wrap and preserve your cake’s beautiful frosting. Great travel tip too!

Cupcakes Decorated as High Heels

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

High Heel Shoe Cupcakes Recipe Book

Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My! The best-selling authors are back, applying their oversized imaginations not just to cupcakes but to cakes, cookies, pies and other treats.

You’ll find recipes for refrigerator cookies, pie dough, pound cakes, bar cookies, cheesecakes, and Jell-O  that are transformed into amazing and playful desserts. There’s something for everybody in this book, and each and every single item you need for the recipes can be found in your supermarket or convenience store.

Order the cookbook Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh, My!

Vietnamese Lanterns for Party Decorations

Saturday, February 4th, 2012

Vietnamese Lanterns

How amazing are these Vietnamese Lanterns? They would be beautiful decorations for any party, celebration or home decor. Purchase these beautiful silk Asian Lanterns from Vietnam in over twenty colors, five styles and several sizes to choose from. Lighting kits also available.

David Tutera’s “The Party Planner” Book

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

David Tutera is a leading lifestyle expert and host of Discovery Channel’s popular show Party Planner with David Tutera.

Tutera’s book, The Party Planner, is lavishly illustrated and shows you how to throw an unforgettable party.

The book details his approach to ten theme parties including summer and winter cocktails, a harvest feast, a Christmas dessert party, a Chinese New Year celebration, a wine-tasting gathering, and special occasions such as a a wedding proposal, a birthday party for kids, and an enchanted wedding anniversary dinner set in a forest.

Tutera urges you to consider the five senses when planning an event: the taste, the sound, the look, the touch and the scent.

He has thrown in his own personal suggestions of cocktail recipes, favorite songs and other cool ideas. The book is also sprinkled with plenty of “Tutera Tips” for invitations, entertainment, decor, floral arrangements, table settings, menu ideas and room transformation.

David demonstrates that to throw an extraordinary party, it doesn’t take a lot of money. Following his fresh twist on entertaining, you can throw a fabulous, yet easy, affordable party for any occasion.

Order David Tutera's Book "The Party Planner"

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Simple Stunning Parties at Home

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

“When the opportunity for celebrating knocks, answer the door and offer it some champagne!” says Karen Bussen. Author of the bestselling “Simple Stunning” wedding series, Bussen now directs her expert’s eye to a more intimate kind of festivity: the at-home party.

Her simple stunning credo, though, remains the same: Create menus featuring wonderful ingredients in no-fuss, crowd-pleasing preparations; combine homemade and store-bought items in fresh, elegant presentations; tailor colors, tableware, and lighting for visual impact; and limit effort, expense, and waste.

The book details 12 complete plans for four different kinds of parties—cocktail gatherings, casual suppers, formal dinners, and daytime get-togethers. Each plan includes food and drink menus (with recipes) as well as decor and music suggestions. Following Bussen’s advice, you’ll delight your guests while showcasing your personal style—which is what great parties are all about.

Click to purchase now on Amazon: Simple Stunning Parties at Home: Recipes, Ideas, and Inspirations for Creative Entertaining

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