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ETIQUETTE CHALLENGE #3: Bridal registry on the wedding invite?



You just received a friend’s beautiful wedding invitation and all the pieces that seem to be stuffed in with the invitation – the RSVP card, the directions to the ceremony and to the reception –  are all to be expected and are appreciated, but wait…

Also enclosed is a matching card listing five places the happy couple have registered for their upcoming wedding.

So, the big question:  “Is it tacky or ok to incude bridal registries with the wedding invitation?”

If you were not invited to a wedding shower or engagement party, how do you find out if or where the couple is registered if it is tacky to include it in with the wedding invitation?

Chime in, tell us how you feel, or send us your etiquette challenges.

The Etiquette Challenge is a regular blog feature we’ve brought over from our Facebook page (yes, we have a Facebook page, and we won’t ignore any friend requests!)

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2 Responses to “ETIQUETTE CHALLENGE #3: Bridal registry on the wedding invite?”

  1. Susan says:

    TACKY! Anyone can find out with two clicks on the internet (and any elderly relative who is not tech-savvy can call your mother and ask).

  2. Baby Diaper Bags says:

    OMG I love your site

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