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Happy Birthday Trevor!

Happy Birthday Trevor

Happy Birthday Trevor!

My son, Trevor, turns 20 today, October 5th on America’s Most Popular Birthday! 

Did you know there are more babies born on October 5th than any other day? If you count back nine months, you’ll find New Year’s Eve, which might have something to do with the popularity of this date.

I know every mother says “it seems like yesterday that I had my baby!” but to me it really does. 

It’s been a fabulous 20 years of hugs and kisses along with motorcycle racing, broken bones, basketball and football. Thanks for being a great kid, a wonderful son, and for the beautiful glimpses of the man you are becoming.

We love you, Trevor!

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One Response to “Happy Birthday Trevor!”

  1. Grandma Gillum says:

    Happy 20th Birthday Trevor. Seems like yesterday! We will celebrate when I get there. Love you. Grandma

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