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Kids Birthday Traditions to Start with Your Child

It’s never too late to start a birthday tradition with your child. Do you remember something fun from birthdays when you were a child? Why not start a tradition you and your child can look forward to year after year.

Fantasy Cake Kids Birthday Invitation

Fantasy Cake Kids Birthday Invitation

  1. Let them pick out their birthday party invitations, decorations and food to be served, even if it’s just a party with family as the guests.
  2. Let them help make or decorate their birthday cake or cupcakes the night before their birthday.
  3. Wake them up by singing “Happy Birthday” and throw in some hugs and tickles to start off their special day.
  4. Fill their room with their favorite color balloons (make sure they are old enough for the balloons not to be a hazard.)
  5. Create a treasure hunt for little birthday goodies you’ve hidden around the house or in their room.
  6. Let them choose their favorite breakfast. If they choose something besides cereal, put candles in it if possible.
  7. Let them choose their favorite restaurant or dinner for the whole family to enjoy together that night.
  8. Put a special note or birthday card in their school lunch.
  9. Give them a few “love coupons” that entitle them to something they love – popcorn and an extra half hour of TV before bed; pancakes on a Saturday morning; extended play date at their favorite little gym or the park.
  10. Plant a tree or a plant.
  11. Create a time capsule. Ask your child several questions, video tape their answers and then store the tapes away in a special box to be opened later, maybe at their 21st birthday. (You might want to transfer to DVD to survive the years.)
  12. Make a scrap book of birthday cards they receive every year.

Do you have a favorite birthday tradition? We’d love to hear from you.

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