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Skull Halloween Party Invitations

One of the favorite themes for Halloween is skulls, skeletons and other items meant to frighten unsuspecting guests. Our Grunge Skull Invitations come printed on orange, green or purple paper and come with matching color envelopes.

Skull Halloween Party Invitations and Ideas

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Skull Halloween Decorating Ideas:

Some fun ideas for decorating with a skull theme is to look at the dollar stores and spray paint them, add glitter and other bling. Look for skull candle holders, add candles in black or your party colors, group them together and sprinkle some cobwebs, plastic worms, leaves and bare tree branches scattered around them.

You can also add full skeletons sitting on your fireplace or on the mantel or your table as part of your centerpiece.  Candelabras painted black with black candles also add to the spooktacular Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween Skull and Skeleton Bones for Halloween Decorating

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