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Why Are All My Thoughts In Blog Titles?

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Seriously? Why Are All My Thoughts In Blog Titles? (and what category do I pin this to?)A funny thing happened on the way to making my blog more personal.  All my thoughts turned into blog titles! Really! Big, flashing, titles in all caps!

Seriously. I’d have a thought and would immediately think “I need to write that down. That could be the title of my next post that will go viral!”

As the owner of a business, a blogger, a Facebooker (is that a word yet?), a Tweeter, a Pinner, every waking thought — and a few dreams — become targets for the next big post that will draw hundreds of thousands of clicks and comments to my website that will raise my Goggle Page Rank and hopefully, my sales, and the word “V – I – R – A – L” appears in flashing neon lights somewhere off to the right of my line of sight in purple neon tubing.

Just this morning while I was busy pinning away on my Pinterest account from my iPad while still laying in bed watching the sun come up, I wondered, “What time do Pinners start Pinning?” as no one had repinned any of my stuff in the past hour…then, Oh! that could be the title to my next post (so don’t steal it before I have it written, please.)

I mean why do we all do it all? “It” uses up a TON of time we could be doing other things, like reading the next up-in-coming chick lit best seller, painting our nails, cleaning the kitchen…NOT. What drives us to blog, to pin, to post to think in Blog Titles or Post Titles or Pins?

Please leave me a comment and let me know why you do what you do so I have some more justifications for doing all this and my hopes for viral blog titles might become a reality. And while you’re here, would you mind shopping or browsing our party invitations, party favors, note cards…?

P.S.  I think the pinners are awake and pinning as I now have 3 more Pinterest followers in the time it took to wrote this post…thanks!

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