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Blooming Paperwhites Fragrant Holiday Decor

Monday, November 12th, 2012
Paperwhites Bloom for the Holidays
Paperwhites are beautiful bulbs that are often forced to bloom around the holidays.  As  Paperwhites begin to grow as soon as they are planted, you will have amazing, fragrant flowers in 3-4 weeks. Paperwhite bulbs are easy to force as they do not require chilling to promote flowering. 

Paperwhites need only 3” of root room so shallow containers will work well like shown in the photo above. Pretty glass or ceramic bowls are ideal. For one-of-a-kind presentations, scout antique stores and estate sales for unusual containers. You can plant Paperwhites in soil, glass marbles, pebbles or even tumbled beach glass.  Because these flowers are usually discarded or transplanted after they have flowered, the planting medium doesn’t need to supply any nutrients for the plant.

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