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What about the Rest of the Family on Birthdays?

Birthday Numbers Invitations

Birthday Numbers Invitations

Birthday parties are special days for the guest of honor, but what do you do with the rest of the family?

Siblings:  If there is a younger sibling you need to decide if you will buy a small gift for them or tell them that they will have their own birthday and they will be the stars on their day.  You may want to make plans to have Grandma or a babysitter be in charge of them so you can concentrate on the birthday child.  If there are older siblings, you may want to have them invite a friend and then enlist their help with other party guests and games.

Pets:  Party time is a good time to schedule your pet for grooming or let them visit a neighbor. If your animal doesn’t mind, you can put them in the garage or the laundry room, but don’t let them spend the time howling or barking. Don’t forget to put fish, hamsters and lizards in a safe place, too.

Get everyone involved in the action and have a great time!

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