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13 Things to NEVER Put on an Invitation

13 things that should NEVER be on an Invitation -

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With today’s “anything goes” attitudes, there are still some traditional rules that should be followed.  This is especially true when creating party invitations for any occasion.

Here are 13 things that should NEVER be on party invitations:

1.  Tense:  Invitations are always versed in third person.  Use “Anderson Marketing invites you to their annual barbecue…”, “at their house”. Never “our”, “my”, “mine” or first person.

2.  Punctuation:  Invitations use line breaks or blank space between paragraphs to act as punctuation and periods are never used.  Be sure to go lightly with the commas, exclamation points and when in doubt, leave it out.

3. Capitalization:  Never use capital letters for each and every word on an invitation.  Save the capitals for the beginning of a section or the first word of each line, proper names and other words that are normally capitalized. Use a bold or a larger font for emphasis, not all caps.

4. Abbreviations: Always spell out Street, Road, Apartment and names of States. The state is not required if all your guests are local or the state is  obvious with cities like Chicago. Atlanta, New York. Numbers 1-9 should always be spelled out such as Two Park Place.

5.  Time:  The word “o’clock” is never capitalized. It is also never used after a time that is not a whole hour.  Use five o’clock, not 5:30 o’clock. When using anything but whole hours, use uncapitalized a.m. or p.m. (with periods). If you add “in the morning” that applies from 12:01 a.m. until noon; “in the afternoon” from noon until six p.m.; and six p.m. and after “in the evening.”

6. Registry/Gifts: Never indicate that money is preferred over gifts. Never include any gift registry information.  This information should be relayed when guests call to RSVP or by word of mouth from the family if asked. Never state anything about gifts – even “no gifts” as it makes the assumption that gifts are expected.

7.  Meal Choices:  If your party or event requires guests to make meal choices, include this information on a separate insert card, response card  or RSVP card.

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2 Responses to “13 Things to NEVER Put on an Invitation”

  1. Karyne says:

    question: I belong to a social club and we have a formal affair every year. In the past (80 years) we have listed members as “Mrs. Charles Jones.” But times have changed and many of our members or either widowed or single. For consistency and correctness I hope, how should a woman’s social club invitation read and do women still go by their husband’s names? Also, again with a social club, are members listed as Ms., Miss, Mrs., Dr. or should just their names be listed? Thanks

    • Ai-Blog-Admin says:

      You’re right, anything goes today. You could ask your members how they’d like to be addressed, continue on as you have been or change to addressing everyone by Ms., Miss, Mrs., Dr. and their first names instead of their husbands.

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