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Three Starfish Engagement Party Invitations

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

Summer is a wonderful time to host an engagement party. If you’re lucky enough to be near a beach or just want a beach theme, our Three Starfish Invitations are perfect for engagement party invitations, tropical shower invitations, couples wedding shower invitations and more, just change the wording to fit your special occasion.

Starfish on the Shore Invitations perfect for engagement party invitations, tropical shower invitations, couples wedding shower invitations and more. See more at

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White Anemones Invitations

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

White anemones with their unique dark center make these floral invitations perfect for parties with a black and white theme such as a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner or an elegant birthday party. Just change the wording to fit your special occasion.

White Anemones Floral Party Invitations

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Pre-Cut Ribbons

Friday, September 23rd, 2016

You’ll love our pre-cut ribbons in several lengths that are perfect for your party favors or other projects that call for cut ribbons. Order in your favorite width and length to wrap around party favor boxes or tie closed party favor bags for weddings, birthdays, retirement party, holiday party, fundraiser, grab bags, swag bags, gift certificates, or whatever you can come up with.

Or 20 ribbons or 100,000+ ribbons. If you don’t see the length listed you need, we can custom cut to any length you need.

Pre-cut Ribbons for Party Favors and More

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Flower Garden Bridal Shower Invitations

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

If you’re planning a bridal or wedding shower, our Flower Garden Bridal Shower Invitations are a great invitation for any season, but perfect for a late summer or fall celebration. You can change the wording on this invitation to fit your own special occasion – a birthday, anniversary, the choice is yours.

Bridal Shower Invitations

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13 Things to NEVER Put on an Invitation

Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

13 Things that should never be on a Party Invitation by

With today’s “anything goes” attitudes, there are still some traditional rules that should be followed.  This is especially true when creating party invitations for any occasion.

Here are 13 things that should NEVER be on party invitations:

1.  Tense:  Invitations are always versed in third person.  Use “Anderson Marketing invites you to their annual barbecue…”, “at their house…” Never use “our,” “mine” or first person.

2.  Punctuation:  Invitations use line breaks or blank space between paragraphs to act as punctuation and periods are never used.  Exception is when using a poem, quote or saying. Be sure to go lightly with the commas, exclamation points and when in doubt, leave it out.

3. Capitalization:  Never use capital letters for the first letter of each and every word on an invitation.  Save the capitals for the beginning of a section or the first word of each line, proper names and other words that are normally capitalized. Use a bold or a larger font for emphasis, not all caps.

4. Abbreviations: Always spell out Street, Road, Apartment and names of States. The state is not required if all your guests are local or the state is  obvious with cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York. Numbers 1-9 should always be spelled out such as “Two Park Place.”

5.  Time:  The word “o’clock” is never capitalized. It is also never used after a time that is not a whole hour.  Use five o’clock, not 5:30 o’clock. When using anything but whole hours, use uncapitalized a.m. or p.m. (with periods). If you add “in the morning” that applies from 12:01 a.m. until noon; “in the afternoon” from noon until six p.m.; and six p.m. and after “in the evening.”

6. Registry/Gifts: Never indicate that money is preferred over gifts. Never include any gift registry information.  This information should be relayed when guests call to RSVP or by word of mouth from the family if asked. Never state anything about gifts – even “no gifts” as it makes the assumption that gifts are expected.

7.  Meal Choices:  If your party or event requires guests to make meal choices, include this information on a separate insert card, response card  or RSVP card.

8. Directions:  Never include driving directions or maps on the invitation. This information should always be included on a separate card. Do not use photocopied maps. Any maps or directions should be printed in the same style and on the same paper as your invitations when possible.

Red Golf Bag Party Invitations from

9. Zip Codes:  Zip codes are never printed on invitations. They are not necessary to get directions on website mapping services.

10.  Sizes/Measurements:  This information is personal and a bride or guest of honor may not want these stats printed for all to see.  Measurements or clothing sizes should be relayed by word of mouth when guests respond to the party invitations.

11. Children:  Do not use the phrase “no children” or “adults only.” How you address your envelope indicates who is invited and not invited to the party. If children are not listed on the envelope, they are not invited to the party.  When guests RSVP and add names or guests that are not invited, politely tell them or call them right away and explain who is invited.  If you think someone will automatically bring their children, consider calling them and state simply that as much as you would like to accommodate children, you simply don’t have the room to do so.

12. Attire:  Usually your invitations will be an indication of the attire for the party. The fancier the invitation, the fancier the dress. An invitation to a outdoor barbecue has it’s own implied dress code and a wedding invitation with multiple insert cards will obviously be a dressy, if not formal event. If your event is a costume party and costumes are required, this should be included, possibly in a small font on the bottom or as “You’re invited to a Halloween Costume Party…” Check out our Party Dress Codes for ideas on how to dress for all social occasions.

13. Labels:  If at all possible, never use address labels on invitation envelopes. Absolutely NEVER use labels on wedding invitation envelopes for guests or for your return address.  You’ve spent time, attention and money to create perfect invitations and they deserve hand-written addresses on the envelopes. This will make a HUGE impact on your guests when they receive your invitations in the mail.

There is nothing wrong with do-it-yourself invitations, but NEVER send anything that looks homemade.  A laundry list of facts and clip art on copy paper will not impress your guests and your turnout could suffer.  Generally, you will save money by letting the experts — invitation printers and hopefully us — do your invitations. This is our area of expertise and you won’t have to spend time and money experimenting until you get it right.

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Six Autumn Decorating Ideas With White Pumpkins

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

As we transition our homes from summer to fall, think chilly nights, cozy fireplaces, fall leaves and of course, pumpkins. For a sophisticated look, try decorating with white pumpkins for your Halloween, Fall or Thanksgiving table or fireplace mantel.

We’ve collected some of our favorite white pumpkin ideas that you can arrange to highlight for holiday celebrations or just because it’s autumn.

Vintage White Chenille Blanket Pumpkins

Vintage White Chenille Blanket Pumpkins

White Plaster Halloween Pumpkins

White Plaster Halloween Pumpkins

Book Page White Autumn Pumpkins

Book Page White Autumn Pumpkins

Spiral Rosette White Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

Spiral Rosette White Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

White Drop Cloth Pumpkins

White Drop Cloth Pumpkins

White Pumpkins Fall Table Centerpiece

White Pumpkins Fall Table Centerpiece

You can arrange white pumpkins, painted white pumpkins or fake pumpkins painted white on a platter or in a basket with other size gourds, fall leaves, pine cones, or tree branches on a bed of moss.

If you add candles, try using different sizes with hurricane glass over them to add flair and keep the flame away from the items in your arrangements.

Our Kraft Favor Boxes are on Martha Stewart!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

I was wondering why our kraft favor boxes webpage was getting so many visits, and after some investigating, we discovered our kraft boxes were on Martha Stewart!

How exciting!

Featured in a stunning spread on Hilary and Kyle’s New York City wedding, we were thrilled to see how beautiful their favors were. Hidden in the box is Champagne jelly made by the mother-of-the-bride. Sounds yummy.

Kraft Wedding Favor Boxes: Hilary and Kyle's Wedding

photo by Mademoiselle Fiona as seen in Martha Stewart

Daring Wedding Kiss

Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

Did you take or have you planned a special kiss for your wedding photos? We love this one!

My husband and I had a friend that restored an old Rolls Royce and he drove us from our wedding to the reception (thanks Carl!) and if my husband would have seen this picture, he would have tried it. He did jump out in traffic at a stop light with a bottle of champagne and went to some of the wedding party cars behind us to give them a swig.

Daring Wedding Kiss


Multi Tier Mini Cakes for Party Treats

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Multi Tiered Mini Cakes Baking Pans

Bake and decorate adorable little tiered cakes with this Multi Tier Cake Pan. Decorate for wedding showers, sweet sixteen birthday parties, anniversary parties and more! 

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