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Masquerade Ball & Halloween Costume Party Tips & Invitations

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Dance Crowd Halloween Party InvitationCostume parties and masquerade balls have been around for centuries and they are still popular themes today for Halloween, Mardi Gras and birthday celebrations. A “Costumes Required” Halloween party will mean any costume is appropriate and lots of “Halloween” costumes – scary creatures, vampires, ghouls, and such will arrive at your party.

If you have something more sophisticated in mind such as a “Masquerade Ball”, you will need to be very specific on your invitation as to what costumes are the theme of the evening with descriptions such as “Medieval Times Costumes” or “Roaring 1920’s Attire Required.”  Whatever you envision for your party, make sure you are specific or you may be surprised at “what” shows up at your door.

When a theme party sets the tone for the evening, guests often will go to a great deal of effort on their costumes and prizes are enjoyed and appreciated and don’t have to be expensive. You can give prizes for “Overall Best Costume”, “Best Mystery Costume” to the guest no one could tell who they were, “Most Outrageous”, “Best Period Costume”, or anything that fits your party’s theme.

If you’re having a “Ball”, dancing will be a part of the evening. You can provide the music or even have a karaoke contest. If something more elaborate is called for, wandering entertainers, magicians and fortune tellers would be great attractions.  Be sure to have a few masks and capes on hand for guests that insist on showing up out of costume.

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Ornate Ornaments Holiday Invitations

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

Elegant jewel tone Christmas Tree Ornaments decorate the left side of this beautiful invitation-a perfect choice for a holiday party invitation, Christmas party invitation, corporate holiday party invitation, holiday open house, office Christmas party invitation and more.

Ornate Ornaments Holiday Invitations

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Party Invitation Dress Codes Explained

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Cocktail Party Attire

Cocktail Party Attire

Whether you’re the invitation sender or the invitation recipient, how to dress for a party is an age old question.

If you are sender, how do you visualize your guests as you circulate through your party? Use your imagination to determine the feel of your party, then inform all your guests on the invitation with the appropriate dress code.

Do you envision strict black-tie, black-tie optional, festive attire, casual holiday attire, dress to impress, or anything but blue jeans?  Sometimes the location of your holiday event will help determine dress code, but be specific so your guests will arrive appropriately attired.

If you are the invitation recipient, when in doubt, dress up.  Who doesn’t want to look better than the rest of the party competition? If you’re overdressed, you can always say you are on your way to another party.

It is also fine to ask the host or other guests what is appropriate and acceptable for the event.  Find something you’re comfortable in – are you going to be eating, drinking, dancing? Women, don’t wear something you can’t sit down in whether it’s a too tight ball gown or a too short mini, be comfortable!  If you’re comfortable, you’re going to feel great!

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Fanciful Holly and Berries Holiday Invitation

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

A spring of holly and berries sits on a red swirl and is highlighted by a background of white holly leaves on gold. The Fanciful Holly and Berries Holiday Invitation is perfect for any holiday or Christmas party invitation.

Fanciful Holly and Berries Holiday Invitation

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5 Holiday Invitation Mistakes and how to to Avoid Them

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Jolly St. Nick's Face Holiday Invitations

Jolly St. Nick's Face Holiday Invitations

December 1st and the start of the holiday season may seem a long time off, but if you’re hosting a holiday party, you’re running out of time….fast!

1. Ordering invitations too late.
December calendars fill up at warp speed and to get guests to attend your party, you need to mail holiday invitations at least 4-6 weeks before your party date. So, if you’ve chosen the first week of December for your date, you need to mail your invitations by the first of November at the latest. Don’t forget to allow time for your supplier, hopefully Announcingit, to process, print and ship your invitations to you.

2. Not ordering enough invitations.
You order the same amount of party invitations as the year before, but forgot about the new employees, the new couple down the block, or the new couples you really clicked with from your child’s soccer team. We suggest ordering at least 10 extra invitations to avoid the costly and time-consuming need to reorder.

3. You made a mistake in the wording!
Proof read, proof read, proof read. Be sure to check your holiday invitations for spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes as well as information you might have inadvertently omitted. Double check the date, the time and location as well as the spelling of all the names.

4. Your boss will be out of town!
Decide on a guest list for your holiday party, then check the calendar and set a date and time that is convenient for all your guests and/or co-workers. Planning the office Christmas party only to find out the boss will be in Tahiti on that date would be a disaster! Make sure there are no conflicting parties or events planned or any business commitments that conflict. If your party won’t be a success without “The Smiths” in attendance, make sure they have your party date open before you commit to your chosen date.

5. Inadequate Postage
Don’t assume your complete invitation will take standard postage. Is your invitation square? Does it need to be be hand-cancelled? Is it oversized? Overweight? All of these concerns could mean your invitation will require extra postage, but how much? We suggest assembling one invitation and taking it to the post office to have it weighed and the size measured before you buy or affix postage stamps. Also, if for some reason invitations need to be returned to you, make sure you have your return address on all envelopes so if there is a problem, they can be returned to you.

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Cute Haunted House Halloween Invitation & Halloween Safety Tips

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
Halloween House & Candy Corn Border

Halloween House & Candy Corn Border

Trick or Treating, like Halloween, can be traced back to All Souls Day, a long time ago.  The poor people would go out at night to people’s homes begging and the people would give them treats called soul cakes. Times changed and the children became the beggars.  As they went to different houses, they would be given fruit, bread, and maybe money. 

When the custom came to America, children would be given candy as it was also tradition that if a child was not given something, the child would play a trick on them, such as egging their house. 

With the traditional door to door trick or treating not being as safe as it once was, why not send your child’s friends a halloween invitation to gather at your home for candy, games, fun and a costume contest.

If you do send your little goblins out trick or treating, here are a few safety tips to follow:

 Tips for Children:

  • Follow the road rules, cross only at corners
  • If there are parked cars, do not cross between them
  • Walk the opposite direction that the traffic is going
  • Never wear your mask when you cross the street, always take it off
  • Always watch out for cars that may be backing out or turning around
  • NEVER go to or into someone’s house you don’t know

Tips for Adults:

  • Know where your child will be going and the route they are taking 
  • Make sure that there is an adult with the children
  • Know if your child will be going to other activities
  • Have a curfew set for your child to be home
  • Tell your child that there is a difference between tricking and vandalizing
  • Tell your child to not eat their candy before you inspect it

Costume Rules:

  • Make sure that the costume is not flammable
  • Make sure that the costume is brightly colored or if it is dark, iron on some reflective strips so they can be seen by street lights and car lights, and carry a flashlight
  • Do not include high heeled shoes or long costumes that the child may trip over

For family fun for everyone, Mom and Dad should catch the spirit of the holiday and dress up too!

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Champagne and Snowflakes Holiday Invitations

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

A bubbling champagne glass sits on a gold background filled with white snowflakes. The Champagne on Gold Snowflakes Invitation is perfect for a winter celebration, a Christmas invitation, corporate holiday invitation, New Year’s Eve invitation, wedding event invitation and more.

Champagne and Snowflakes Holiday Invitations

Rhinestone Silver Ornaments Holiday Invitations

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Rhinestone Silver Ornaments Holiday Invitations are perfect for a holiday party invitation, Christmas party invitation, office holiday party, business holiday event invitation and more.

Rhinestone Silver Ornaments Holiday Invitations

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Brooklyn Bridge Holiday Invitations

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Friends of mine always have a holiday party for their business clients at a South Street Seaport restaurant every year. This year, we designed an invitation with a view of the South Street Seaport from across the river with the Brooklyn Bridge and all the lights of the city twinkling in the twilight.

They used the option to upgrade the invitation paper and envelopes to a shimmery white quartz and the result is stunning.  It looks like the water and the lights are really shimmer and glow!

Brooklyn Bridge Skyline Invitations

Brooklyn Bridge Skyline Invitations

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Casino Play Invitations for a Holiday Party

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

The Casino Play Invitation is perfect for a holiday Monte Carlo theme party, a bachelor party, a casino fund raising event invitations, just change the wording to fit your own special occasion.

Casino Play Party Invitations

Casino Play Party Invitations

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