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Frankenstein Invitation & Monster Mash Halloween Party

Frankenstein Halloween Invitation

Frankenstein is Coming Halloween Invitation

Are you tired of having the same old Halloween party?  How about mixing it up a little bit this year and throw a Monster Mash Party? These Frankenstein is Coming invitations will go perfect with the Monster Mash theme!

With a little inspiration from monster culture, Halloween can always have new and scary surprises that can transport humans into another realm of frightening fun. We’ve got Dracula invitations, skull invitations, vampire invitations, eyeball martini invitations, haunted house invitations and more.

Your guests should have a fairly easy time in finding costumes for this type of Halloween party. Just dress as any famous monster that comes to mind. A few suggestions are:

Any of the Goosebumps Monsters
Headless Horseman
The Fly
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Frankenstein’s Bride
Big Bad Wolf
Vampire Bat
Freddie Kruger
Scream Character
Grim Reaper
Michael Myers (Halloween Movie Series)
Adams Family Characters
Munster Family Characters
Crypt Master (Tales from the Crypt)
The Plant (from the Movie: Little Shop of Horrors)

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