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How to throw a Lingerie Bridal Shower

3. Choose our party location.  The privacy of a home is usually the best idea for unveiling the racy and lacy gifts the bride is sure to receive.

Lingerie Size Cards

Lingerie Size Cards

4. Will you have guests arrive with gifts they’ve purchased before the party or will you have a representative from an adult party business come and guests can buy gifts for the bride or give her money to purchase items she likes?

5. Decide on what type of food and beverages you will serve. The time of the party can help you determine if you will need a full meal or if you start way before or after the dinner hour, you can serve appetizers or dessert.

6. Now that you have all the details, order and mail your lingerie shower invitations as soon as possible so guests can mark their calendars way in advance. Don’t forget to include an RSVP so you will know how many guests to plan for. Don’t use regrets only as it’s too hard to keep expenses down when you’re not sure who’s really coming to the party.

7. Include a card with the bride’s sizes to save her from having to make too many exchanges or returns.

8. Decide if you’re going to play any games at the shower and gather the necessary supplies for the games.

and…have fun!

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