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Margarita Jello Shots

Margarita Jello Shots

Margarita Jello Shots are a slightly more sophisticated version of jello shots and add a touch of fun to your party.

1 tbsp. unflavored powdered gelatin
¾ cup water, divided
1 cup sugar
½ cup freshly squeezed lime juice
¼ cup tequila
¼ cup orange-flavored liqueur (I used triple sec)


  • In a small saucepan, sprinkle the gelatin over ¼ cup of the water. Allow to soften for 5 minutes.
  • Add the rest of the water and the sugar to the pan and heat, stirring, over medium-high heat until the sugar and gelatin are dissolved.
  • Remove from the heat and let cool.
  • Stir in the lime juice, tequila and orange liqueur.
  • Taste and adjust ingredients accordingly.
  • Pour into small serving glasses and refrigerate for several hours until set.
  • Serve cold.
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