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Secret Ingredient: Bean Desserts

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

I admit, I was sceptical.  I mean, beans … in dessert? Seriously?  But they’re right, you can’t taste them!  They add fiber and protein and no one will guess they are in the recipe, provided you don’t spill the beans.

I love chocolate, and anything I can find to make desserts even a little bit healthier, I’m all for trying them. If you make one of these, let us know the results.

Secret Ingredient: Bean Desserts

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Fruit in Waffle Cones

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

With so much fresh fruit in season, I’m always looking for creative ways to serve it. I love the idea of serving it in ice cream waffle cones!

The waffle cones make an elegant display for a party or a fun treat for your family. Makes me think of other things that would be great in these cones – pudding, strawberry shortcake, brownies and ice cream…

Check out our I’ve Got a Secret Fruit Salad recipe for filling the cones.

Fruit Waffle Cones

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