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Haunted House decorating tips for your Halloween Party

11 Haunted House Decorating TipsHalloween is a great holiday to put your family’s imagination to work, starting with a Spooktacular haunted house!  If you’re having a Halloween party, here are a few decorating tips to make sure your guests have a ghoulishly good time.

  1. Choose a theme.  The first thing you need to do is decide how scary you want to make your house
  2. Plan an entrance and an exit
  3. Add eerie lighting. With some black and red light bulbs, you can change the overall atmosphere of your house. Strobe lights are very effective for disorientating your guests and revealing shocking scenes in little bursts
  4. Black lights add a creepy touch when they’re paired with flourescent paint or glow-in-the-dark cut-outs
  5. Include lots of unexpected scary sounds and music. You can download them from the internet (including the Haunted House sounds)
  6. Make it dark using black trash bags or blankets to cover the windows
  7. Fog is easy to create by mixing dry ice and hot water. Find a local retailer here, just enter your zipcode.
  8. Any house can look abandoned if you cover most furniture with white sheets and then place fake cobwebs in the corners
  9. Use peeled grapes as eyeballs, placing them where people will touch them in the dark.
  10. Use Styrofoam heads from a beauty supply house and turn them into monsters
  11. Spritz visitors’ faces with cold water in the dark or have visitors walk through spider webs made of stretched cotton or silly strings

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