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Summer Hard Lemonade Recipe

– 1 can frozen lemonade – make it with 3 cans of water (not the 4 1/3 cans called for – you’re adding other ingredients and it will be too watered down)
– 1 bottle of beer (makes 2 drinks)
– Vodka or lemon flavored vodka (you can leave out the vodka too)

To make individual drinks:
– Fill glass half full of ice
– Fill half full with lemonade
– Add one shot of vodka (more to your tastes or leave out)
– Fill to full with beer
– Stir and enjoy!

For a low calorie/low sugar version substitute:
– Crystal light lemonade (use about a third less water to retain a lemonade flavor when the beer is added)
– Use a 55-64 calorie beer

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