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Reception Info Card

Reception cards are perfect to include information you don't want on your invitation (or won't fit). You can put any wording on these reception cards to fit your special occasion.

Wedding Reception Cards

Wedding reception cards are used when your reception is to be held at a different location than the wedding ceremony. If the ceremony and the reception are at the same location, you can add "Reception to follow" at the bottom of your wedding invitations and skip printing a reception card.

A reception card is a separate, smaller card than your wedding invitations and is mailed with the invitation. These cards should match the style of your invitations. The reception cards should include: the time and location of the reception; possibly if the reception will include cocktails, appetizers, dinner, or just cake and champagne; if the reception formal or casual, black or white tie or flip flops on the beach. Make sure your reception card matches the formality of your wedding invitations.

Envelopes are not included with reception cards and usually, if guests have responded that they are coming to the wedding, you should also assume they are coming to the reception.

If you have eloped or are having a destination wedding, you can enclose a reception card with an elopement announcement to invite guests to a reception after you return from your wedding.
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