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Limited Time Promotions: Promotional Offers are not applicable to previously placed orders. No more than one coupon can be used per order. We reserve the right to modify or cancel any offer or promotion at any time without notice. We reserve the right to cancel any orders at any time. Discount code must appear on your order when it is submitted. No phone-ins or emails of the discount code will be accepted after the fact.  Applicable California sales tax and shipping are not included in any promotional offer or discount and are additional costs incurred on your order.

Quantities left of a product are displayed if we will not be receiving any more. This is the total amount we have in stock. Even if you find the same product on a different page, we do not have any more than the number shown in stock. Example: You cannot add 22 invites from one category page (such as tropical invitations) and 22 invites from another category page (such as summer invitations) to get 44 invitations. If we state there is 22 left on any display of the product, that is all we have. Please email us if you have any questions about the number of invitations available.

Promotion Codes will only work on the pages displayed from clicking on the Shop Now Buttons - codes will not work on the same product if found on a different category page than the Shop Now Buttons above display.

Discount code must appear on your order when it is submitted.
No phone-ins of the discount code will be accepted

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