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Black Chinese Takeout Box Party Favors Idea

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Turn a party favor or snack into a fabulous treat when you use our Black High Gloss Chinese Takeout Boxes. We created this idea for a Bacheorette Party limo ride. Put your favorite munchies into the takeout box, accent with a ribbon, add a folded cocktail napkin on top and pair with mini bottles of wine, margaritas or martinis.

Black Chinese Takeout Boxes Dress up your Party Favors or Treats

Printed Patterns Cello Favor Bags for any Party

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Fill these printed pattern cellophane party favor bags with your favorite candy or party favors.  Lots of fun designs to choose from – stripes, dots, floral patterns and prints.

Shop all Printed Pattern Cello Favor Bags

Printed “cello” bags made of 1.2 mil crystal clear polypropylene have a crisp feel. Use as candy bags, food bags, soap bags, or for any small item. The printed patterns on these bags add appeal and a little extra.  Actual Size: 4 wide” x 2-1/2″ deep x 9-1/2″ high

Best of the 2010 Super Bowl Commercials

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Super Bowl is one broadcast we turn up the commercials instead of hitting the mute button. Here’s a collection of the best of the 2010 Super Bowl commercials.

Appetizers and Hors d’oeuvres for New Years Eve Party

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

New Years Eve CelebrationFabulous appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and champagne are a hit for a New Year’s Eve party. By starting your party around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m., after the dinner hour, you can skip a full meal and let guests enjoy a buffet of appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, mini sandwiches and a mini dessert bar at midnight with champagne.

What’s the difference between appetizers and hors d’oeuvres? Hors d’oeuvres are associated with finger foods and do not require utensils to eat such as a pate or caviar on a cracker. If your New Year’s Eve party invitations say “heavy hors d’oeuvres”, it usually means there is no meal to follow, the hors d’oeuvres “are” the meal. Appetizers can require utensils and are usually served during a meal as a first course.

When deciding on what to serve, if you are not having a dinner and because of the duration of a New Year’s Eve party and the alcohol consumption, you should allow 12-15 hors d’oeuvres/appetizers per person.

If you are providing tables and chairs for guests, including appetizers that require a fork can be appropriate. If seating is limited, it is more appropriate to only include hors d’oeuvres that can be easily eaten with the hands. If your New Year’s Eve party invitations requested quests to dress in “holiday festive” or “holiday chic”, your elegantly dressed guests might not enjoy elaborate dipping sauces or messy hors d’oeuvres. Sticking to items which are easy to eat and do not result in a great deal of mess will be greatly appreciated by all of the guests.

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Super Bowl is an Invitation to Food, Fun & Football

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Tackled Super Bowl Party InvitationHow do you get guests to come to your party? You send them an awesome Super Bowl party invitation they can’t resist. 

There are Super Bowl party invitations to suit every taste. You will find invitations with humorous referees, football players, cheerleaders, football fields and of course, food and drinks.

The Super Bowl game is usually held the first week or so in February. So, if you didn’t think of having a party until Christmas was over, for a good turnout, order your invitations the first week of January and get them in the mail as soon as possible. Be sure to include an RSVP date with your phone number and email address so you can stick to your budget or know how many people to plan for.


How do you add a Personal Touch to Your Party?

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Black Filigree Gift Party InvitationHow do you make it personal? Party planners and hosts want the same thing when making plans for one-of-a-kind parties such as a bridal shower, baby shower or a milestone birthday party. Adding a personal touch may be easier than you had imagined.

Party invitations set the tone for your event. What are you celebrating? Is it a casual or formal event? The perfect invitation lets guests know what to expect and entices them to attend your party. Make sure you choose an invitation that builds excitement for your party and guests can’t say “no” to.

If your invitation has a theme or favorite color, continue it through the decorations. For a bridal shower, use the bride’s chosen wedding colors. For a baby shower, pink and blue with touches of brown or green are popular.

Make your centerpiece a stand out. Centerpieces can consist of anything that fits into the theme of the event. Flowers in your chosen colors are always beautiful. Clear jars or bottles filled with candies or chocolates are a visual and mouthwatering delight. Seasonal or delicious fruits such as whole cranberries, grapes, sliced lemons, oranges or limes with floating votives in water add splashes of color.

Party favors in the same theme or colors as the rest of the party-such as candles for a party that relies on them for decoration, bags or small decorative glasses filled with candy and individually tied with ribbons and a “thank you” tag. For any party, how about passing out lottery tickets?

How do you Set a Budget for Your New Year’s Eve Party?

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Champagne and Fireworks InvitationsIf you’ve decided to have a New Year’s Eve party, you’ve probably already given some thought to a budget for your party. Not having a budget or going over budget on your party can cause significant financial strain and stress and put a damper on your festivities.

Your goal is to throw a great New Year’s Eve party but you do not want to go into considerable debt to do so. The best way to have a successful New Year’s Eve party is to set a budget based on the amount of cash or credit you have available and work within that budget to create the most spectacular New Year’s Eve party possible. Once you have set your overall budget, you can set individual budgets for each element of your party.

Some individual elements to consider when planning your New Year’s Eve party are invitations, location, decorations, entertainment, food, beverages and incidental items. Prioritize your list to determine which elements are most important to you so you will have an idea of how to distribute your available funds.

For example, you may consider the New Year’s Eve invitations to be important as they set the tone for your event and a fabulous invitation entices guests to attend your party. If your invitation doesn’t impress your guests, your turnout could be less than spectacular.


Are there Advantages to Planning a New Year’s Eve Party in Your Home?

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Hello Goodbye New Year's Eve InvitationsThere are both advantages and disadvantages to planning a New Year’s Eve party in your home.

The advantages to planning a New Year’s Eve party in your home is that you have a greater amount of freedom in terms of food and beverage choices, decoration options and even the type of entertainment you are able to offer.

The disadvantages to hosting a New Year’s Eve party in your home is that your property or possessions may be damaged by the guests, you are responsible for the cleanup of the party and it can be difficult to control when guests leave the party.

The advantages to hosting a New Year’s Eve party in a restaurant and catering hall is that you will have assistance in preparing and serving the food, you don’t have to worry about cleanup and you have very few obligations during the party. The disadvantages to hosting your New Year’s Eve party at a restaurant or catering hall is you will be limited in the hours of the party, there may be some restrictions placed on the entertainment and their will also likely be limitation on the food and beverages you can offer your guests.


Social Media Invites vs. Printed Party Invitations

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Tiki God Luau Party InvitationParty invitations might be easier to send by email or a by flyer created from your home computer, but if you want people to get excited and actually come to your party, sending custom printed party invitations win hands down. 

Snail mail has its advantages, one being privacy, the other being that a custom printed invitation lets guests know you have taken the time to do it right. Beautiful invitations also build excitement and anticipation from the moment guests open them and social media just can’t duplicate that feeling.

Unless you are promoting a business event, using social media as a means to invite party guests to a personal event is a risky proposition.

If you should get the urge to use Twitter or Facebook as the source of your event invitations, be careful. Are you really inviting every one of your social media followers to your party? You could end up with an out-of-control number of party guests, “followers” that are really “in-the-flesh strangers,”  or a lot of hurt feelings from unread posts or non-follower friends being left out if you rely on social media as your main source of inviting and relaying party details.  

Shh Surprise Party InvitationDon’t forget that Twitter messages are public and they can be seen by anyone at anytime, even total strangers.  To see this yourself, from your Twitter account, run a search on the word “invitations” or “party.” Your screen will be filled with “non-followers” tweets. Even more amazing is the “Tweets Near You” function. With one click, the world’s tweets have just been narrowed down to “near” your location. For your safety and the safety of your guests, resist the urge to tweet or post your personal address, email, phone number, party location, date and time.  

The same safety issue applies to Facebook. While you may have made your Facebook “Wall” private, some of your most “private” information is not blocked from a stranger’s view. With a few clicks through any Facebook page or any “friends” page, a stranger can view all the personal bio details you have posted on your Facebook Info tab. The info fields Facebook has made available include:  your sex, your birthday, your children, siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles, your relationship status, anniversary, hometown, religious views, contact information – email address and/or website links, likes and interests, education and where you work, plus what you are looking for with your Facebook page such as friendship, networking, etc.  The Facebook Photo and Video tabs are also viewable by anyone and photos can be “tagged” with names of the individuals in each photo.  A completed Facebook Info tab might contain more information than your parents, husband or best friend ever knew about you and the information is available to anyone who logs in to Facebook whether they have “liked” you or not. Be careful if you decide to post your party invitation or any party details on your wall. (more…)

December Birthday Party Invitations & Party Planning

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Winter Birthday Party InvitationsChildren with December birthdays often think they’re cheated out of a real party. With preparations already going on, why not make the birthday part of the holiday?

Families with December babies have a lot to juggle every year with holidays and birthdays. Sometimes the stress of the season results in parties being thrown together or not happening at all. Using the holidays as the inspiration and not the frustration can make everyone happier.

INVITATIONS: Choose a winter theme with snowflakes, snowmen or a Christmas theme. December schedules fill up fast for grownup parties on the weekends, so for a good turnout, you might want to select a week day and a time that works for you and your guests.

DECORATIONS: Think of the theme you want to use, such as snowmen, candy canes, snowflakes or a red and green theme party. For birthday decorations, use the basic holiday decorations that you already have in place and add more to the kitchen or dining room, wherever the main portion of the birthday party is going to be held. Festive red and green loops (you can have your child help make these by cutting strips of red and green construction paper and gluing the ends together to form a chain) and maybe some other decorations that will be up for the party only.


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