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Floral Buds Christening and Baptism Invitations

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Your baby’s baptism or christening is a very special occasion and calls for memorable invitations. Beautiful watercolor wreath of spring leaves and flower buds in shades of blue or pink, these invitations are perfect for your baby’s baptism invitations, christening invitations, dedication or other religious celebration, just change the wording to fit your occasion.

Blue or Pink Buds Wreath Invitations for your child's baptism or christening celebration. See more at

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Chalice and Bread First Communion Invitations

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Chalice and Bread First Communion Invitations

Invite friends and family to celebrate the momentous holy day in your child’s life – their First Communion – with beautiful invitations. You’ll find over 170 first communion invitations in a variety of designs to fit your style and your budget.

We have communion invitations on chic, modern shimmery papers with matching envelopes in shades of pink, green, blue, teal, lavender and white. First Communion invitations featuring tiny prints of chalices, doves and crosses or large designs of communion tables, flourishes and the words “First Communion” in beautiful fonts.

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What is a Party Invitation Rain Date?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

Chic Palm Trees Summer All White Party Invitations“It can’t rain!”

Has the weather ever been a factor when you’re planning a party or other activity?

Our native California employees all say “What’s a rain date?” when a customer submits that phrase on their invitation order.

So, what is a rain date?

It’s an alternative date that an event will be held if the scheduled event must be postponed due to rain or bad weather.

So, if at the bottom of an invitation you find “Rain date is April 9th,” don’t forget to mark your calendar for both the party date and the rain date. If bad weather looms the morning of the party, you might want to check with the hostess if she hasn’t called you.

We know, somebody has to live here in Southern California where weather really isn’t a factor when we’re planning our lives or activities. As the country looks forward to the first days of spring, we’ve been creating fabulous invitations that put you in the mood to party!

So rain or shine, have a great time at your next party and let us know if we can help you with party invitations!

Brown Holy Cross First Communion Invitations

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

Brown Holy Cross First Communion Invitations

The stylised brown cross First Communion Invitations are printed on shimmery pink or blue invitation paper and come with matching shimmery envelopes.

Just change the wording and you can use these invitations for a baptism or christening. Other paper colors are available including teal, lavender, apple green and white.

Matching thank you notes are available in pink or blue.

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Kids Tricycle Birthday Party Invitations

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Kids Tricycle Birthday Party Invitations | Come see our entire invitation collection at

Kids Tricycle Birthday Party Invitations are a fun idea for a little boy or girl who is just learning how to get around and what fun it can be.

The Girls Tricycle Birthday Invitations feature a pink trike with brown and taupe flags and a flying butterfly. The Boys Tricycle Invitations feature a dipping and diving dragonfly and colors of blue and green.

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Golden Elegance Christening Invitations and Party Ideas

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Golden Elegance Christening Invitations and Ideas

A christening is a religious rite and a celebration of faith. The significance of a baby’s christening varies in many Christian traditions. Usually, a christening ceremony is when an infant is officially named and welcomed by the church and water is usually sprinkled on the child’s head. The christening helps establish an extended family through the church community for the newborn.

In some religions, godparents are chosen who will contribute to the child’s growing up in the Christian faith and help them with life’s questions of love, faith and hope. At the end of the ceremony the priest blesses the child, parents and godparents.

Once you have set the date of your christening ceremony with your church, you can order your christening invitations, reserve a banquet hall or restaurant if you are having a reception after the ceremony, and finalize the rest of the details for your event.

Brown Cross and Stripes First Communion Invitations

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

Brown Cross and Stripes First Communion Party Invitations

Planning your child’s first communion often involves a celebration afterwards with family and friends.  Be sure to get the date from your church as early as possible so you can make sure the the people you want to attend have the date free so you can reserve your event space and mail your party invitations.

The Catholic church holds first communion rites once or twice a year for children typically between the ages of six and eight and depending on the size of your church, suitable banquet halls and restaurants may be booked quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute to reserve the space for your party.

If you are having a small gathering of immediate family, you may be able to have a reception at your home. If you need to accommodate a large group of guests, you might be better off with on-site catering facilities of a restaurant, banquet hall or country club that also has an experienced staff to ensure your event goes smoothly.

If your venue does not have on-site food service, you will need to reserve a caterer and wait staff for your event. When selecting your menu, remember the guest of honor’s age and what food preferences they might have. As guests are in their Sunday best, make sure your food choices are easy to eat.

Once your date and venue have been set, it’s time to select the invitations. Be sure to use RSVP, not regrets only, so you will have an idea of the number of attendees for your caterer and other items such as beverages and tableware if you are having the party at your home.

Finally, be sure to enjoy this momentous occasion with your child.

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Blue and Brown First Communion Party Ideas

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Blue and Brown First Communion Invitations and Party Ideas

Blue and brown are popular colors for a boy’s first communion.  Adding in hints of green and white with your party decorations creates a beautiful soft and elegant look to your event.  The Brown Cross invitation is printed on shimmery paper and comes with matching shimmery envelopes (available in other colors.)

We love these dessert ideas and the mints with bible verses printed on the packages are a nice touch to your tables.

Sources:  Swirled Brown Cross on Shimmery Blue Invitations, Strawberries, Cross Favor Bags, Hydrangeas, Cross Cupcakes, Bible Verse Buttermints, Party Decor, Blue Organza Tote Favor Bag 

Have You Seen Announcingit Lately?

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Have you seen Announcingit Lately?Have you checked us out lately?  We’ve got a new logo, new designs and lots more invitations on the way, just in time for your special day.

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Little Boy’s My Zoo Birthday Invitations

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

These cute little zoo animals invitations can be used for little boy’s birthday party invitations, baby shower or birth announcements.  The printing in the banner is just a suggestion, you can change it to fit your occasion.

Little Boy Zoo Birthday Party Invitations

Little Boy Zoo Birthday Party Invitations

Little Boy’s My Zoo Photo Birthday Invitations
Little Boy’s My Zoo Thank You Note Cards
Little Boy’s My Zoo Birthday Invitations

Also comes in Pink for Girls

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