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Graduation Invitations

Graduation party invitations & graduation announcements for high school graduation invitations, college graduation invitations and more. School colors and unique, exclusive Class of 2021 graduation invitations and Class of 2021 graduation announcements. We've got great Graduation Save the Date Cards, too!

167 products found. Showing 1 - 60
Graduation Invitations
Graduation Invitations
167 products found. Showing 1 - 60

Class of 2021 Graduation Invitations and Graduation Announcements

You'll find graduation announcements and graduation party invitations that fit your style and your budget. Graduation invitations and graduation announcements celebrate the past and the promises of the future. From your child's pre-school graduation, elementary school graduation, middle school graduation, high school graduation through college graduation, acknowledge their achievements and success with graduation party invitations or graduation announcements that let friends and family know their accomplishments and what their future now holds.

You'll find 2021 graduation invitations and announcements in lots of school colors - tassels, graduation gowns, graduation caps and diplomas. We have fun 2021 graduation invitations for backyard barbecues, and humorous college graduation invitations with beer kegs or beer pong graduation party invitations, graduation cap invitations and more. You can use any wording on any card to create the perfect 2021 graduation party invitations or graduation announcements.

You'll want to make sure to choose a graduation party date a few weeks after graduation or the weekend before graduation for a great turnout. The right party date in a calendar crammed full of graduating classmates will ensure a fabulous turnout for your party. A graduation party invitation by snail mail will get noticed and guests can make sure they save the date to attend your party.

If there are people you are not inviting to the graduation party because of distance, it's too hard for them to travel, or you have people you realize would love to know about your child's graduation but you don't know them well enough to invite them to the party, you may want to put them on a separate list and mail them graduation announcements instead of a graduation party invitation. Also, once you have your final graduation invitations mailing list, make sure you keep it handy to make sending thank you notes much easier.

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