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Our Answer Page is quite extensive, okay - it's really long compared to other sites. But, we've surfed the web too and it's no fun when you have questions in the middle of the night and you can't find the answer. So, we've tried to include everything we can think of - the good, the bad and the ugly - in one spot for you to get ALL your questions answered. To use this page, just click on any of the links at the left and you will be taken right to the answer.

Happy Shopping . . .We're glad you found us! 

And the answer to the most frequently asked question . . .


  Custom Printed Orders:
    The easy answer is 3-5 Business* Days In-House Processing Time and any shipping transit time is in addition to this processing time, or the long answer is:
      Day 1-2 Order is processed
      Day 2-3 Typeset Proof is uploaded to "My Account" on or before 4:00 p.m. PST on the 2nd or 3rd Business day
      Day 3-4... After you approve your Typeset Proof, your order takes 2-3 business days to print, inspect and pack for shipping
          * If you submit your order after 3:00 p.m. PST, it will be processed the following business day.  Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday, will be processed on Monday.
      Shipping Your order usually prints and ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your proof approval.  Please check your emailed invoice for your estimated ship date*.
      Transit Time Your package ships from our facility in Southern California.  Shipping transit time is in addition to our in-house production time
      Tracking Your Shipment Your shipping information will be uploaded to the Order History section of the My Account section of our website.
  Blank Stock Orders:  
      1-3 Business days for processing - shipping time is additional time. After your order has shipped, the shipping information for your order can be found in the Order History section of your order by logging into My Account. All Blank Stock orders are final.


Click on the little picture of the item to get to the order form, pricing and all other options.

We've made ordering easy!

  1. When you find the item you want to order, click on the small thumbnail picture and you will then be on the order form for that item. This is where you will find pricing information for printed cards (and blank if available), what font was used on the printed sample displayed, and other information on the item. Complete the form and click the Add to Cart button.
  2. The next screen recaps the contents of your shopping cart. At this point, you can edit or remove items from your cart. Enter your Zip Code and choose the shipping method for your order and click Recalculate to see the total due on your order. Click on the Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping button.
  3. The next screen is to create an account if you are a new customer or login to an existing account of you ordered after July, 2015. You will need to remember your password to login and approve your typeset proof. Complete the page and click on the Process My Order button.
  4. Our Checkout page is secure and you will enter your Billing and Shipping addresses (make sure they match your credit card company's information exactly), enter your credit card number, enter any instructions to the typesetter and once you have reviewed your information, click the Verify Checkout button.
  5. The last step - Please Review Your Order - if all the information is correct, click the Checkout button at the bottom of the screen. Use the Edit links to change information on your order if needed.

IMPORTANT:  Click the Checkout button only once - each time you click it, your order could be charged to your credit card again automatically.

When the last screen has been submitted, you will end at a Confirmation Page. Please print this page as it contains your unique order number and other information pertaining to your order.  You will also receive a courtesy auto-confirmation e-mail to the address you listed on your order form - if you do not have listed as a safe sender, this confirmation may end up in your junk or spam email box.


Sorry, but we can only accept orders placed through our website. Submitting orders through the website eliminates errors and speeds up processing time as the information is in your "typing."  Plus, if you can't enter your order through our website, you will also not have access to view your on-line proof or your order status and history.


Our website is secure and you will see the "secure lock" appear on the customer information page where you enter your credit card information. This is the only page that needs to display the secure lock to protect your information. (New browsers show the lock at the top of the screen by the address bar.) Information entered on this page is secure and encrypted.


When you place an order, you can find answers to these questions about your order when you login:

  • View your orders
  • View and approve your typeset proof 
  • View the status of your order 
  • Get shipping information


Twenty-five years of experience has taught us that getting an order right the first time, every time is critical and our easy on-line proof approval ensures everyone "gets it right" the first time.  On your FREE typeset proof, we:

  • Correct line spacing and layout for the best eye appeal
  • Correct grammar, punctuation and misspelling of common words
  • Allow you see the finished product BEFORE it prints which guarantees everyone is happy the first time, every time.

When you go through our simple proof approval process, we know you will agree that the short wait for a professional typeset proof is worth the short amount of time it took to make sure your order is perfect!


To view and approve your typeset proof, please login to My Account.  Items that receive a proof must be approved before the order will print and ship.

No typeset proofs are done for :

  • envelope return addresses
  • address labels
  • note cards
  • photo holiday cards
These items print with the information you entered on your order form.


One FREE Typeset Proof comes with your order of items that receive proofs (see above). Please review your order carefully before you submit it to make sure you have included everything that needs to be printed on your order.

We realize sometimes it is necessary to make changes to the information you submitted on our order. You can make any necessary changes to the information on your typeset proof when you view your proof in the Proof Approval Process in the My Account login area. We will make the changes you request and your order will go to print.

If you send us changes before your proof is ready for approval, we cannot guarantee these changes will be made before your proof is ready. It is suggested that you make any and all changes during the proof approval process only.

If you want to view the changes after we have made them, you can select that option for $15 Second Proof charge when you go through the proof approval process. We know some companies offer all the free proofs you want, but those costs get passed on to all customers. We will only charge individual customers that want to view additional proofs - we don't absorb the costs to pass on to all our customers (helps keep our prices reasonable for all!)


Yes!  You can use our RUSH Service for an additional fee.


Rush Service is an additional fee charged to receive your FREE typeset proof faster than our normal processing time,* usually within 24 business hours. Once this fee has been charged, it is not refundable for any reason, including problems with your e-mail or shipping times. 

We realize how time flies, and sometimes people get behind on ordering invitations and birth announcements. If you require your proof faster than our 2-3 day processing time, we have created a special RUSH service for an additional fee. (Rush service does NOT include shipping costs.)


When you place an order, we diligently try to ensure that your order is completed quickly, efficiently, correctly and by our estimated time schedule.  Once your order has been submitted, all departments begin their respective jobs, including invoicing, pulling the stock for your order in the quantity that appears on your order form, typesetting, proof uploading, printing and shipping.

The only changes that can be made to an order once it has been submitted are:

  1. Corrections or additions to the information that is contained on the custom printed portion of your order only DURING the typeset proof review and approval process.
  2. Upgrading your shipping method to 1st, 2nd or 3rd day air at an additional cost (Done during the proof approval process only).

Once an order has been placed, we cannot increase or decrease the quantity ordered and still ensure your order is processed correctly and in a timely manner.


We suggest that you make sure you have double-counted and order more than enough invitations to cover your list. Once an order has been submitted, even if it was within hours, we cannot increase or decrease the quantity ordered and still ensure your order is processed correctly and in a timely manner.

If you find you need more invitations, please login to your Account, click on the invoice number you need more of, then click on "Reorder" and complete the order process.

In the "Enter Message" box on the order form, instead of typing in all the text to be printed, IF THERE ARE NO CHANGES FROM YOUR ORIGINAL ORDER, you only need to type in:

"This is a Reorder of invoice #_________".
(Fill in the blank with your original order number.) 

By placing a new order, all information regarding your reorder will be available on the My Account Login page, including that the order was received, invoiced, shipped and the tracking number for the reorder.  Reorders ship within three business days of the date your order is invoiced.


Sorry, but orders cannot be decreased once they have been submitted, so please order wisely.  When you place an order, we try to ensure that your order is completed quickly, efficiently, correctly and on time.  Once you order has been submitted, all departments begin their respective jobs, including pulling the stock for your order in the quantity that appears on your order form.  Thank you for your understanding.


Once an order has been submitted or shipped, we cannot increase or decrease the quantity ordered. To receive more invitations on a previously processed order, please place an entirely new order. To make sure your reorder is typeset like your original order --

If there ARE NO CHANGES from your ORIGINAL ORDER, please type in the Enter Message box on the order form:

This is a Reorder of invoice #_________.
(Fill in the blank with your original order number - can be found on your My Account upon login) 

If there ARE CHANGES from your ORIGINAL ORDER, please type in the Enter Message box on the order form:

This is a Reorder 
of invoice #_________.

Changes: Change my date to October 5th
6:30 p.m.
RSVP by September 25th
(Fill in the blank with your original order number - can be found on your My Account upon login) 

By placing a new order, all information regarding your reorder will be available on the My Account Login page, including that the order was received, invoiced, shipped and the tracking number for the reorder.  Reorders ship within three business days of the date your order is invoiced.


The answer is YES and NO.  Not all of our designs are available as blank stock.

If "Blank Card" is not an option on the order screen for the paper design you have chosen, we do not sell blank, or it is just not easy to print and we have chosen not to frustrate you by allowing you to buy it blank.

The papers we do offer blank should work in laser and/or ink jet printers, but as there are so many home printers available, we do not guarantee any blank paper will work with the system and/or printer you have.  Because we cannot resell paper that has bent edges or other defects (would you want us to resell returned paper to you?), there is NO refund or return of blank cards for any reason, so please be sure you really want to do the printing before you order blank cards.

We have found that in most cases, you will save money by buying printed announcements or invitations. If we do the printing, we will save you time, as we do this all day long, we save you a lot of frustration in figuring out how to print, and if we goof up (which happens occasionally), we absorb the cost of replacing the paper to fill your order--If you goof, you have to buy more paper.


We know it takes time to place an order, so once you have clicked the "Submit Order" button, you want your order to be completed as soon as possible.  Once submitted, our work begins:  Your order is received, invoiced, typeset, and stock is pulled from our warehouse to fill your order. So, for us to begin our work and complete your order ASAP, payment in full is made automatically to your credit card when you click the "Submit Order" button. We accept MasterCard and Visa through our secure webbsite. (Your credit card is charged when you click submit, so please don't click it more than once as each click charges your order again in full.)  If you find is necessary to cancel an order after it has been submitted, please read our Cancellation policy as some fees agreed to during the ordering process will apply.


Prices INCLUDE*: (*unless otherwise noted on a specific design)

paper you have selected

  description and weight of paper will be listed for each design description



if the design you order has colored envelopes or a coordinating design on the envelopes, it will be listed as such on the description, otherwise, white envelopes are included.


custom printing in black ink

  if you selected custom printing option - color ink is an additional charge unless otherwise stated on a specific design

unlimited number of lines

  keep in mind the size of the card and what we have as an example

set up and typesetting

  set-up and typesetting on one free proof


  choice of any font

*FREE typeset proof

  see typeset proof info above for items that do NOT receive a proof
  Prices DO NOT INCLUDE*: (*unless otherwise noted on a specific design)
return address printing
  option listed on order form (additional cost)
color ink
  option listed on order form (additional cost)
assembly of any pieces
  if available for your card, option is listed on order form (additional cost)
shipping charges

shipping method is chosen upon checkout (additional cost)


If you are concerned about any aspect of the design you are ordering such as the design on the envelopes, colors on the design, etc., call us or email BEFORE you submit your order or let us know your concerns at the time you place your order.

If our paper design shows pink instead of the red that it really is, and you have your heart set on pink, please call or email us BEFORE you order as there are no refunds or discounts due to incorrect monitor displays of our website or its contents.

Manufacturers have the right to change their designs at any time, we cannot guarantee that any design will not be changed between the time you see it on our site and the time the stock arrives at our facility, but we make every effort to keep our products updated on our site. No adjustments or refunds will be made regarding any change in any aspect of a design, paper quality or weight, and/or envelopes colors or designs on envelopes.  Please put any questions in the "Special Instructions" box of the order form. Questions and special requests could delay the processing of your order.


The weight of the paper used on our site is similar to paper used for greeting cards. There are various weights (thicknesses), and they range from 65 pound cover stock (the lightest weight we carry) up to 12 point. The most commonly used paper is 100 pound cover stock. The paper weight of each item is listed on its order form. If you have any questions about the weight of the paper, please let us know before you place your order. No adjustments or refunds will be made due to the paper weight of any design shown on our site. No exceptions.


A paper catalog is not available for some very good reasons.  First, it would be as large as a phone book!  Seriously, we have chosen to get the latest and greatest new products to our customers almost the day we receive or design them.  A printed catalog would be obsolete before we could even get it designed and printed, not to mention we would have to raise our prices to cover the cost.  Be sure to bookmark us and visit often to see check out what we've just added!


No samples are available.  We realize some companies offer free samples and other companies charge for every sample you request. Our inventory changes so dramatically with the addition of new products that we have decided not to offer samples, but instead to sell lots of high quality items that display on our site large enough for everyone to see the beautiful details immediately, when you want them, while you're shopping.  (Just click on the small pictures and they will enlarge.)  Why waste weeks waiting for samples that are probably left over from an order printed in error anyway.  We believe you should see the designs clearly and large enough while you're browsing our website that you will know immediately if you like a design or not.  Also, by deciding not to send out 1000's of free samples, we can keep our prices much lower for everyone and our staff busy doing what we do best...printing fabulous announcements and invitations at truly affordable prices.


On each product, there is a display of the fonts used on our example and you can click on "View All Fonts" to see our complete list of fonts or click on the magnifying glass next to the name of the font displayed to view an example of a printed invitation and all the special characters of the font. 

FONTS - Choosing a Font

We have lots of fonts to choose from. The size of the font will be adjusted for amount of space available on the card you have selected and the amount of wording you have submitted. Unless specifically mentioned at the time of the order, we will use our artistic judgment in the arrangement, font size, boldness, spacing, centering, line layout, capitalization or punctuation used on any printing.

Some letters may look unusual with cursive or decorative fonts. We suggest you review the entire character set of a font to make sure all the characters work for your wording.

Example: On the font named Bridge,

the capital "W" has closed loops at the top:

On some cursive fonts such as Amazone, if "r" is the first letter of the word, the beginning upstroke will be missing as it is created by the tail of the letter that precedes it:

Example: In the word "wonderful":

the tail of the "e" makes the beginning upstroke of the "r" that comes after it.
In the word "rose", the upstroke on the "r" is missing.

If you are using roman numerals in your wording such as Jason Patrick Olson, III, please do not select a cursive font as the III will look like three capital cursive "I's".

Amazone (cursive font):


No free or discounted reprints will be done due to characteristics of the specific font you have chosen for your order.


All of our invitations are printed with flat ink.  If thermography (raised print) is used, it will be specifically stated in the description of the card.

Black ink is included in the prices shown. We feel black ink is always a great choice for all of our designs. On most of our designs, we have color ink available for an extra charge per item* (*invitation is one item, thank you is another item, RSVP is another item, etc.). If color ink is not listed as an option on the order form for the design you have selected, it is not available on that particular design.

If you do choose colored ink, in the fill-in box on the order form, specify the color ink you want such as "Blue like the hat" or "Purple like the flower." We will choose the color that looks the best on the design while still ensuring readability of the final product. There is no adjustment and/or refund due to any ink colors used, i.e., too light, too dark, etc.


Images viewed on a computer monitor are at 72 dpi (dots per inch). The graphics and ink colors printed on our designs are anywhere from 600 dpi to 1400 dpi or more. Because of this huge difference in dpi and colors that are deemed "web safe" are not the same as items scanned for view, colors may not appear true when you view the invitations on the website and the typeset proof we upload to the My Account login may not be the true colors.

Variance in viewing ink colors on a monitor is especially true when you view proofs with the information printed in color ink. When you view the FREE typeset proof, the color ink may not "view" in the color you requested, but will actually "print" the correct color. For example, if you have requested Christmas Green ink and your proof appears to be showing Lime Green, it is due to the limitations of computer monitors to display actual colors at 72 dpi as they will actually print as a much higher resolution. BUT, having said all that, if you have any questions as to the colors you are seeing, please call or email us before you order or approve your typeset proof as there are no adjustments or refunds due to color variances.


We offer totally custom printing! You can pick ANY DESIGN on our website and use it for ANY OCCASION--a birth announcement, an adoption, a hula party, a toga party--the choice is yours--just change the wording! The typeset information and wordings we show on our site are only examples and do not appear on your order unless typed in on the order form.  We encourage you to get creative with the wording or use any sample we have on any card or write your own--all at no extra charge.


If you wish to add a logo to your printed invitation, the cost is $40.00 per logo.  Please contact us at for directions on sending us your logo.


"Why can't I see my card typeset when I order?"

We know this is the latest trend with internet printers, but we believe in individually hand typesetting each customer's card personally and professionally, one order at a time.  Isn't this what you are paying us for?  Professional typesetting?

Our customers deserve individual professional custom typesetting, not computerized templates, with a one a size fits all, fill-in-the-blanks quick-print system. Besides, if you read the fine print on automatic proof sites, they'll tell you that they are going to review what you took all that time to type, nudge, center and "typeset it yourself" and change it anyway!  We know you will agree, the few extra hours wait for a professional, custom typeset proof will be worth the wait and no typesetting system to learn just to place an order.


The size as well as the weight of an invitation can determine the postage required. Square invitations will require extra postage because of their size. If you insert a photograph or any other item in with your invitation, it can change the postage costs. We suggest that you always take the items to the post office and they will determine the exact amount required. If an item requires extra postage, we have tried, but don't guarantee, that we have included that information on the item's order form.

Also, even though it takes a little extra time, make sure you have your return address on the envelopes.  If there is a problem with them or they require more postage than you put on them, you want the post office to be able to return the invitations to you instead of throwing them away!


One of the most common mistakes we see is the addition of an apostrophe on a return address name. An apostrophe indicates possession such as "The Clark's red car," something that belongs to you. On a return address, you are referring to plural, meaning more than one person in the Clark family, so the correct usage is "The Clarks" (with no apostrophe).


All orders are shipped from our facility in Southern California, unless otherwise noted.  The freight charges are calculated by the weight of the number of items you order.  For an additional charge, you can choose to upgrade your shipping from the freight section of the order form. 

Our freight calculations on our website only include shipments to the contiguous 48 states. If you are out of this area please contact us and we will let you know the freight amount due on your order. 

The shipping you choose is the "method of shipping" and is in addition to the time required to process your order.

Once your package has left our office, your tracking number will be available in your My Account.

Our responsibility is to make sure your package leaves our facility on time. Sorry, but once your package has left our office, it is up to the carrier service to deliver your package to you in a timely manner.


Please be sure you submit a complete shipping address. Please include any business name your order will be shipping to, suite numbers, apartment numbers and zip codes. If your package cannot be delivered to the address as it appears on your submitted order additional costs may be incurred to correctly ship your package.


Freight and handling charges automatically calculated by this website.

We do ship to Canada and APOs by US Mail. 


We do not guarantee the timeliness or the performance of any shipping service.  We have no control over your package once it has left our facility.

You can check the status of your package at any time using the Tracking Number contained in your My Account log-in screen.

In the event your package is not delivered within a reasonable amount of time, contact us and we will request a trace on your package.  If after the trace period has ended (usually 7 business days), and the carrier declares your package lost and issues a refund check, we will issue a credit.

If the carrier finds your package during the trace period, the carrier will deliver your package to your address and there will be no refunds.

If you do not want to wait for the trace period, you can place and pay for an entirely new order and it will be printed and shipped as soon as possible.  If the carrier does find your package, they will deliver your package to your address and you will have two orders - no refunds will be issued. 

No order will be reprinted until it has been declared lost by the carrier - UNLESS you place and pay for a new order in full. 


Cancellations are costly to everyone, so please make sure you read our policy as you do agree to accept our policies when you submit an order.  We only pass the costs of cancellation onto customer's who cancel and as such, we are able to keep these costs from raising the prices on our products and services to everyone. If you have any questions on our policies, please call us before placing an order.

ALL cancellations must receive a cancellation number 
from our office, no exceptions.

Please call us to request cancellation of an order. No cancellations can be taken by e-mail or fax.  If an order is canceled after it has been submitted, but before it has been printed, you will be refunded any monies paid LESS:

  • the cost of any envelopes that have been shipped early
  • any freight charges incurred prior to cancellation
  • a $20.00 non-refundable cancellation fee
  • rush charges are not refundable

If your party date has passed, your order will be automatically cancelled by our office and you will be refunded any monies paid LESS:

  • the cost of any envelopes that have been shipped early
  • any freight charges incurred prior to cancellation
  • a $20.00 non-refundable cancellation fee
  • rush charges are not refundable


If you have approved your typeset for printing, it is too late to cancel your order.

To avoid incurring these fees, please be sure to read ALL the "fine print" contained in the ordering process when submitting your order.

All information contained on this website applies to all orders submitted whether you have actually read the information or not or whether verbally expressed or not. No exceptions.


If we have uploaded your typeset proof and you then choose to receive the cards blank, there is a $15.00 typesetting fee that will be retained/charged when calculating the difference between the printed card price and the blank card price.  (Not all items are available blank.)


There are no refunds or returns of any custom printed items due to their personalized nature.  NO exceptions. Please refer to Cancellation section above for fees incurred if an order has been canceled after it has been submitted, but before it has been processed.

There are NO refunds or returns of any blank stock or party favors at any time.  Blank stock orders and party favor orders are processed as soon as they are received and in some instances, shipped within minutes of processing your order. Blank orders or party favors may also be drop shipped from our suppliers directly to you. We do not allow returns of blank stock or party favors for one very good reason - Do you want to buy returned, previously handled and "shipped all over the place" items? We don't so we don't try to resell them to you, our customers, either.

Once a shipment has left our office, we have no control over what happens to it. We cannot take back items that have bent corners, fingerprints and other possible damage and try to resell them.  I'm sure you, as our customer, would not appreciate receiving less than perfect invitations or products from us, so we will never try to sell them to you. We are well aware that other companies take back everything, but the hidden costs and customer disappointment in receiving less than perfect goods raises prices for everyone.

If you have any questions on blank stock orders, party favor orders, paper characteristics, colors, etc., please call us or email us your question before placing your order.


We guarantee that your order will be printed exactly as shown on the FREE typeset proof you have approved to print.

If your printed order is incorrect when you received it due to:

  • the printed card contains errors that originated from the information submitted on your web order form,
  • the printed card contains omissions that were not on your submitted web order form,
  • or the printed card contains errors you did not correct any errors on the typeset proof when you approved it to print, regardless of the origin of the error;

your order will be reprinted at full price (no sale prices will be honored) and expedited within 48 business hours PROVIDEDwe have the paper design in stock. If the paper is not in stock, we will quote you the date we anticipate it to arrive. Additional shipping charge will also be incurred and any applicable California sales tax charges.


If your printed order is incorrect when you received it due to:

  • the information was not printed exactly as you approved on the actual uploaded FREE typeset proof shown on the My Account log-in screen.
  • or in the case of thank yous, note cards, return addresses, address labels, photo Christmas cards, where no typeset proof is made, the items did not print with the information exactly as you submitted it on your web order form,

we will reprint your order at no charge within 48 business hours PROVIDED we have the paper design in stock. If the paper is not in stock, we will quote you the date we anticipate it to arrive. In the event the paper is out of stock, you may need to select a different paper to complete your order.  Any reprints due to errors on our part, will be shipped to you the same shipping method as your first order. If your first order was shipped by Ground, the reprint will also be sent by Ground. You may upgrade the shipping for an additional fee. If for any reason, you choose not to have your order reprinted, no refund will be made. Reprinting your order correctly is the only action available on custom printed items.

Please login to the My Account section of our website and email us if there is a problem with the order after you have received it...thanks!


It is impossible to write anything that cannot possibly be interpreted in various ways. That's because some people misinterpret willfully, often out of an argumentative nature, but sometimes just in the hopes of appearing clever to others--even though it's anything but clever to miss or ignore the obvious interpretation. We have not written this site with them in mind. Instead, we write for the overwhelming majority of our visitors who are perfectly capable of understanding us just fine and we truly appreciate it!

We hope that you will find our writing clear, and if not, please be sure to send us an e-mail or give us a call at and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


All items shown on our site are used with the permission of the manufacturers and may not be downloaded, copied or otherwise reproduced by any means.

All original verses shown on this site are copyrighted. Unless printed on announcements or invitations we have supplied, any and all sayings and verses on our site may not be used without written permission from Invitation Shop.

By placing an order with us, you agree that we can use your announcement or any wording contained therein, in any displays we have on our website. (We do change phone numbers and addresses on our samples.) 

By placing an order with us, you agree that we shall not be liable for any direct, consequential, or incidental damages arising pursuant to any aspect of your order or the content of the information contained therein.

Your order is double-checked and packaged with care. If you find that something is missing or incorrect on your order, we must be notified within seven days of any problems with your shipment. Please open your package and check the contents as soon as you received it. Please contact us at or call our office within seven days if there are any problems with your shipment.


By placing an order with us, you accept that we may label the reverse side any item printed by us in any manner we choose, stating that it was printed by Announcingit Invitation Shop, or any of our divisions. 

By placing an order with us, you accept that paper manufacturers may label any item we show on our website in any manner they choose.

If any type of labeling or printing on the reverse side of any of the items shown on our website is an issue or a problem, please do not place an order as we cannot guarantee labeling, scan bar coding (we really try not to sell bar coded merchandise) or any other such images will not appear on the reverse side of any of our items at any time past, present or future.


We do not guarantee the availability of any paper stock due to discontinuation or back-orders.  While we try to keep stock on hand and/or the number of pieces left in stock correct, we do not guarantee availability. If you have placed an order for items that are unavailable for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible. We reserve the right to change prices at any time.


We reserve the right to change prices at any time.


We NEVER sell or otherwise make available any information about any of our customers to any other source.  Click here to read our e-mail privacy policy.


We know that this is a lot of "fine print," but we also realize that people surf the net 24/7 and want answers to all their questions at their convenience. So, we've tried to answer every question we could think of, but if we missed something, please send us an email or give us a call!

We know this page sounds like it was written by an attorney, but we don't like surprises any more than you do, unless it's our birthday.

We sincerely thank you for shopping with us and if for any reason you couldn't find the answers to your questions here, just email us.

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