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Anniversary Invitations | Wedding Anniversary Party Invitations

         25th Anniversary Invitations, 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations ... Celebrate your years together

Wedding anniversary invitations celebrate a very special day no matter how many years of marriage you've shared. You'll find anniversary invitations to celebrate any year wedding anniversary. [+]

Favorite anniversary years to celebrate and their traditional anniversary gift themes or anniversary colors are:

1st Anniversary Invitations - Paper
10th Anniversary Invitations - Tin/Aluminum
20th Anniversary Invitations - China
25th Anniversary Invitations - Silver
30th Anniversary Invitations - Pearl
35th Anniversary Invitations - Coral
40th Anniversary Invitations - Ruby
45 Anniversary Invitations - Sapphire
50th Anniversary Invitations - Gold
55th Anniversary Invitations - Emerald
60th Anniversary Invitations - Diamond

You can use the anniversary gift themes when selecting anniversary invitations or deciding on colors or wording. Anniversary invitations celebrate your years together and the promise of a wonderful future.

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Diecut Gold Wine Bottle Party Invitations
Diecut Gold Wine Bottle
Anniversary Invitations

Diecut Silver Wine Bottle Party Invitations
Diecut Silver Wine Bottle
Anniversary Invitations

Champagne and Petals Invitations
Champagne and Petals
Anniversary Invitations

Layered Onyx and Silver Shimmery Papers wrapped with black and silver ribbon and matching envelopes
Ribboned Shimmers Onyx/Silver #1
Anniversary Invitations

Layered Silver & White Shimmery invitation wrapped with ribbon, holiday party, corporate
Ribboned Shimmers Silver/Quartz-4
Anniversary Invitations

Starfish and Sand Heart Party Invitations
Starfish and Sand Heart
Anniversary Invitations

Wedding Beach Feet Party Invitations
Wedding Beach Feet
Anniversary Invitations

Golden Elegance Floral Party Invitation
Golden Elegance
Anniversary Invitations

Heart Champagne Pop Invitations
Heart Champagne Pop
Anniversary Invitations

Pink Hibiscus Swirl Invitation
Pink Hibiscus Swirl
Anniversary Invitations

Party Toast Invitation
Party Toast Invitation
Anniversary Invitations

Plumeria & Champagne Tropical Cocktail Party Invitation
Plumeria & Champagne
Anniversary Invitations

Summer Tent Affair Invitation
Summer Tent Affair
Anniversary Invitations

Tiffany Blue Champagne Toast Invitation
Tiffany Blue Champagne Toast
Anniversary Invitations

Silver Star Studded Celebration Party Invitations
Silver Star Studded Celebration
Anniversary Invitations

Champagne & Hearts Toast Invitation
Champagne & Hearts Toast
Anniversary Invitations

Gold Star Studded Celebration Party Invitations
Gold Star Studded Celebration
Anniversary Invitations

Blue Snowflakes & Stars Party Invitations
Blue Snowflakes & Stars
Anniversary Invitations

Gold Snowflakes & Stars Party Invitations
Gold Snowflakes & Stars
Anniversary Invitations

Hot Pink Snowflakes & Stars Party Invitations
Hot Pink Snowflakes & Stars
Anniversary Invitations

Red Snowflakes & Stars Party Invitations
Red Snowflakes & Stars
Anniversary Invitations

Beach Orchid Leis Party Invitation
Beach Orchid Leis
Anniversary Invitations

Orchid Lei Party Invitations
Orchid Lei
Anniversary Invitations

Black & White Damask Invitations
Black & White Damask
Anniversary Invitations

Grunge Gondola Invitation
Grunge Gondola
Anniversary Invitations

Summer Wine and Glasses Party Invitation
Summer Wine and Glasses
Anniversary Invitations

Tropical Sunset on Water Invitations
Tropical Sunset on Water
Anniversary Invitations

Wine Steward Party Invitation
Wine Steward
Anniversary Invitations

Champagne and Stargazers Party Invitations
Champagne and Stargazers
Anniversary Invitations

Gangster of Love Party Invitations
Gangster of Love
Anniversary Invitations

Thin Waiter with Tray and Wine Invitation
Thin Waiter with Tray and Wine
Anniversary Invitations

Bird of Paradise Flowers Invitation
Bird of Paradise Flowers
Anniversary Invitations

Swirled Silver on Black Invitations
Swirled Silver on Black
Anniversary Invitations

Swirled Silver on Gold Invitations
Swirled Silver on Gold
Anniversary Invitations

Swirled Silver on Plum Invitations
Swirled Silver on Plum
Anniversary Invitations

Swirled Silver on Red Invitations
Swirled Silver on Red
Anniversary Invitations

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Anniversary Invitations

Anniversary invitations and the resulting party are a fabulous time to remember why you married your spouse. Why not celebrate by sending anniversary invitations to family and friends in your favorite color, your favorite flowers, or themed 25th wedding anniversary invitations, 50th wedding anniversary invitations or any year you are celebrating.

Invitations for a wedding anniversary can be for a casual backyard barbecue, a chic cocktail party, a fun "roast and toast" or an anniversary party at a favorite restaurant or club. Anniversary invitations themes include wedding cake anniversary invitations, champagne anniversary invitations and beautiful floral anniversary invitations to name a few designs. You'll find the perfect anniversary invitations to celebrate any milestone.

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