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8 Lame Excuses for Not RSVP'ing

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Here are eight excuses you'd be really lame to use for not RSVPing to a party invitation:

1. I have a "very easy-going-take-what's-happening-right-now-style" and I hate being required to commit to being somewhere way in advance.

Black Border RSVP Cards #8

2. My son spilled spaghetti sauce on the invite.

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3. Since a lot of other people are invited, I feel they won't care much if I'm there or not so they won't notice if I don't reply.

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4. My dog ate it (right...along with all the homework in the house)

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5. Every freakin' person we know is tying the knot, what difference does it make if we don't show up?

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6. Unless I know the hosts well, I don’t like to be the first person to respond.

Hot Pink on White RSVP Cards #6

7. I don’t want to seem overly anxious or like I have nothing else to do.

White & Navy RSVP Card #3

8. "I was waiting to see if Violet was coming, you know I can't stand to be in the same room with her!"

Hot Pink RSVP Card #8


The next time you get an invitation and printed right at the bottom it reads "RSVP...", don't be lame...

JUST pick up the phone

JUST mail the RSVP card

JUST email you're coming or not

JUST don't forget


And everyone will be better off for it!


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