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Party Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

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It would seem most of the suggestions below would be common sense, but just look through some of the photos found around the internet, and you can see that common sense when it comes to proper attire, isn't necessarily all that common.

If you are wardrobe challenged or just want to avoid a fashion faux pas, a quick read through this list should help you in both areas of things to avoid when dressing up or just dressing in general.

Lists of things to avoid:

    • Worst dressed faux pasAnything totally out of season

    • Short socks - please cover the calf hair

    • Dirty Shoes

    • Chunky, thick rubber soled shoes - women-think polished and sexy shoes; men-a party is a great reason to impress and go totally GQ

    • Casual shoes with your tux - guys, rent the black patent dress shoes!

    • Out of season shoes or totally out-of-style, over worn or dated shoes - hear Jimmy Choo calling you and go shopping!

    • Girls, if you are wearing open-toed shoes, no hose (try a self-tanner instead, but test it out weeks before your event, not the night before.) If you have to wear hose, wear close-toed shoes.

    • Heavy cologne or perfume

    • Overdone makeup

    • Overdoing the jewelry or jewelry that clinks, jingles or makes noise.

    • Dress Code Faux PasAnything too insufficiently modest, slinky or sexy to mingle with your co-workers and/or boss - you have to see these people on Monday. Put down the push-up bra and say no to displays of super cleavage.

    • Dirty Nails - women - go bare and buffed rather than chipped or worn polish; men - learn to use a nail file and moisturize hands and cuticles (you might start a new habit!)

    • Dirty or worn collars or cuffs

    • Anything stained, dirty or faded

    • Anything with tears, broken seams, thin spots or holes

    • Missing buttons, snaps or other missing decoration (beading unraveling or missing), broken zippers

    • Too casual, out of date or worn out hair accessories (think no shine left to the gold or silver clip or dulled with a coating of hair spray)

    • Pageant hair (enough said)

    • No straps, lines or bumps are to show through your outfit - match your undergarments to your outfit - try a thong or full coverage shapewear to tame the trouble spots

    • Too somber for a festive occasion

    • Something you can't sit down in comfortably

    • Any possibility of a wardrobe malfunction - think Janet Jackson

White Tie ♦ Black Tie ♦ Black Tie Optional

Creative Black Tie Formal and Black Tie Festive

Business Formal ♦ Informal / Semi-formal / After Five

Cocktail Attire and Cocktail Attire Festive ♦ Festive Attire

Business Casual ♦ Casual Attire ♦ Theme Party

Resort Attire and Evening Resort Attire ♦ Wedding Casual

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

20% off INVITATIONS | Use Discount Code DOINVITEU20

Shop Tropical Resort Theme Invitations

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