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How to Dress for Resort Attire

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Daytime Resort Attire - Dress by Boston Proper

When dressing for resort attire, think beautiful summer wear in fabulous colors, patterns and textures.

Resort Attire for Women

Daytime wear might be nice short skirts, elegant capri's, quality linen pants paired with nice shell in summer fabric and color, nice sundress or casual dress (knee length or longer for evening), chic sandals or flats, new-ish clean sneakers for daytime.

For comfort in the sun, add a beautiful chic floppy summer hat and cool sunglasses.

Be sure to "weather proof" your hairdo for breezing outdoors or humidity - cool hair clips, skinny metal or faux croc headbands, casual updos or ponytail.

Resort Attire for Men

Good quality shorts, khakis or light color casual trousers.

Button or polo shirts, good quality Hawaiian shirt (think Tommy Bahama)

Good quality, clean deck shoes or newish clean sneakers

Hip sunglasses for comfort in the sun.

No flip-flops, tank tops, T-shirts or dirty worn out sneakers.

Party Invitations for Resort Attire

Tropical Tiki Torches Party Invitations Tropical Sunset on Water Party Invitations Pink Sea Shell Party Invitations Tiki God Luau

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White Tie ♦ Black Tie ♦ Black Tie Optional

Creative Black Tie Formal and Black Tie Festive

Business Formal ♦ Informal / Semi-formal / After Five

Cocktail Attire and Cocktail Attire Festive ♦ Festive Attire

Business Casual ♦ Casual Attire ♦ Theme Party

Resort Attire and Evening Resort Attire ♦ Wedding Casual

Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid

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