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How to Dress for Cocktail Attire and Cocktail Attire Festive

Cocktail AttireCocktail Attire for Women

Knee-length dresses can be paired with sexy sandals or try tailored trousers beaded shells or silky tube top. 

Throw on your little black dress and add fun hosiery, or a vintage brooch, or faux-fur wrap.

Simple jewelry is fine, leave the jewel-intensive stuff for more formal events. 

No denim, sweats, cords or T-shirts. 

Hair can be fun, messy updos, high ponytails, messy buns or wear hair down and sleek or sexy curls. 

Glossy lips, shimmery eyes and body glitter turn up the heat.

Cocktail Attire for Men

Dark tailored dress pants and nice button down shirt (preferably white long sleeve dress shirt) and tie. 

If you’re not sure a tie is required, stuff one inside your jacket pocket just in case.

No tennis shoes or deck shoes, shine up your nice pair of dress shoes and please, wear socks. 


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