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The excitement begins when your guests open their mailbox and find your invitation. Your invitation sets the tone for your occasion. 

Does it scream,

"I can't miss this party it sounds fabulous!"

or did you send out a letter sheet that reads like a grocery list of boring statistics that immediately got relegated to the pile referred to "maybe we'll think about it unless something better comes up."


Choosing your Invitations

Your invitation should match the style of your event.  Is it formal, semi-formal or a casual backyard get together?

Your invitation provides the details of the celebration as well as what to expect at the party. A casual get together?  A corporate gala for 500?  A surprise birthday party for your husband of 20 years??

When choosing your invitation, remember you already have a theme -- it's a party!

So is the party for a man or a woman, is it a birthday, an anniversary or a baby shower for a friend?

What are their hobbies or interests? What's their favorite cocktail? Is it a summer pool party or a winter "we're freezing but need a reason to party" kind of thing?

You can use our site's Search feature to help narrow down your search for the perfect invitation.




What to include on your invitations

Invitation Wording

When to Mail Invitations

Invitation Etiquette

When and Where to Use Apostrophes


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